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Hybrids Are Not Evil

This is a post that I have been compelled to write as a follow up to My post “The Greatest Love Story Never Told” – There are so many who are passing on erroneous information which is doing nothing but separating those Who are here to help and creating an atmosphere of fear and confusion. Some may believe Me to be “batshit crazy” but that is not My concern – I speak the Truth whether it is accepted or not.


Some of Us have been able access to Our past life records, also called the Akashic Records” and some of Us have accessed some memories of them through Our DNA. We have been given a remembrance of exactly Who We are and Where We come from and We are unashamed and unafraid. The fact of the matter is that humans on this planet ALL have a degree of hybridization in them, if it were not so the species would have never survived.

I see people on a daily basis putting out articles of fear and hate speaking against “reptilian” races as if they are inherently evil and blaming them for the evil on this planet. Humans do not wish to face their own “demons” and accept that those who are committing all of the atrocities are humans controlled by their own selfish egos, not by “reptilians.”

reptilian brain

It is well known that there are aspects of human physiology that are reptilian, the “reptilian brain” is mentioned often. The reason that these aspects were genetically engineered into humans is for survival. Reptiles are far more apt to survive extremes than are mammals and some of Our most basic survival instincts are derived from this.

As I wrote in the previously mentioned post, those of Us Who have been deemed as “fallen angels”, Nephilim, “The Watchers”, The Grigori ,and other names are NOT evil and are not “out to get” humans. To the contrary, it was some of these very beings that gave humanity knowledge of many things including fire, medicine, and many more.



It is NOT those of the higher dimensions that seek to confuse man and keep him down, but those humans on the planet who are ruled by greed and selfishness. We have seen it before on other planets, Earth is no different. Give beings their free will choice and the majority choose to satisfy the ego self with temporal comforts even when they know that they are temporary.

There are many of Us that are direct descendants from these same Beings that are being spoken ill of and We are standing up to set the record straight. To say that all of Our Lineage and Line are evil is just as ridiculous as stating that “all white people are good” or any other blanket stereotype you wish to consider. Physical vessels are guided by The Soul or misguided by ego and all Sentient Beings have a similar construction.

Soul Evolution

There are those that could be seen as “good” or “evil” in all races EVERYWHERE, but the Truth is that in the Bigger Picture there is no such thing. All exist for the purpose of the Evolution of The Soul and ALL play many different roles over ridiculously long periods of evolution. This is why the past teachers have always spoken so much of nonjudgment and forgiveness – All have done ALL…

It was written, “by their fruit you will know them” – This is such an easy way to discern the false from the True. Those coming from a place of fear are speaking to egos and trying to keep the vibratory level from rising. Are there those of higher dimensions assisting these humans that are doing this? Of course there are, but there are also those that are assisting in the rising of Consciousness. The Soul Connection that humans have would not even have been possible were it not for those that initially created the species, to say that We are here to stop it is ludicrous. It IS what We have been waiting for many lifetimes.

Be wary of those who put out so much disinformation that is obviously coming from a place of fear and duality. Everything is happening exactly as it should and We are at a Tipping Point of Consciousness for The Collective. In Native American Indian Culture We have always referred to those of The Stars as “Star Brothers and Sisters”, not as “aliens.” There is NOTHING “alien” to The Creator, to Source…

Seeking You


While those who would speak ill of us are doing so, their true enemies are in their own homes. There are “walk ins” sent to disrupt missions and messages that walk, talk, and look just like that person You have always known but they are different. There are also “walk ins” sent for positive reasons. All of it is far beyond the comprehension of most humans because they cannot see it from “The Creator Perspective.”

Humans want to blame a god for the war, starvation and homelessness on the planet when it is ALL due to the selfishness of a relative handful of humans and apathy from the masses that allow it to happen.

Stop buying into the lies. Develop Spiritual Discernment and discover The Truth for yourself. Do not suppose that because some “New Age Guru” is on TV and has a huge following that he or she has the market cornered on Truth and Honesty. The majority of those I have seen are more concerned with selling and profiting from books, DVDs and seminars than with Truth. Those committed to Truth will tell it no matter the personal cost even at the risk of One’s Own Life.

Truth Has No Agenda

I AM a Being with DNA of MANY races and Many Beings within Me. I remember many of these and I have also been blessed with the remembrance of My Origin and I KNOW that it IS because of that lineage that I have the abilities that I have. We are here to help others remember and to help them rise and evolve, to be against this would be to be against Ourselves.

Rise Above – BE Who and What You Came Here to BE – Claim Your Immortal Sovereignty –


P.S. To those saying that “they” are coming back, I have news for You – WE Never Left…

Anunnaki Hybrid

Global Awakening

Soul School

Sometimes We Speak of Only a number that will shift during this current cycle and We are deemed to be “separationist” or “dualistic” but this is NOT the case… We simply See from a bigger picture perspective and understanding of The Cycles and The Evolution of The Soul that is beyond human temporal existence and many times beyond human thought and comprehension –

Simply, this is like a school – Consider 13 levels of learning – of course there are infinitely more, but We are keeping it simple…

Each “student” is at a different level of learning, knowledge, consciousness, comprehension and experience. Each is at a different place in Their Own Evolutionary Process … Some simply aren’t ready yet, there are still lessons to be learned and there always are…

For Those Who Are Shifting – Keep Raising Your Vibration Higher – Love All – Forgive All – Judge None – Rise Above