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Love is Patient

I Am sharing this article with the hopes that some who are considering leaving a loving and devoted partner will stop to consider instead of making snap decisions that lead to unhappiness and isolation …

Quoted from the article …

“My father’s words to me that day continue to haunt me. ‘Karen, think carefully about what you’re doing. There’s a lot to be said for someone who truly loves you.”

“To those out there thinking of walking away from humdrum relationships, I would say don’t mistake contentment for unhappiness, as I did. It could be a choice you’ll regret for the rest of your life.”

I personally was told We has become “complacent” which according the Merriam – Webster dictionary means “satisfied with how things are and not wanting to change them” – For Me it meant I was happy with Our simple lives together sharing every moment with each other … I was content and needed nothing more … I consider that to be a compliment to another that One needs nothing else …

I was closer to My partner than ANYONE in the world or ANYONE ever … We were SO CLOSE to attaining the Oneness of Two Complete Feminine and Masculine energies and then She just left Me …

Having someone in your life that TRULY loves You and shows it to You is rare indeed – Don’t throw it away because you think that another or another way of life is better – I can promise eventually you’ll come to regret it ….



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Your Life Is What You Make It

Every morning when you awaken you are reborn. Your life is what you choose it to be. If your happiness and peace relies upon the outer influences you will always be subject to them. You are the captain of your own destiny when you REALIZE that You are not the thinker but that which observes the thinker… When you realize that you are not the “i” but “I AM Everything”

You are Universal Consciousness experiencing this particular dimensional reality out of innumerable dimensions occurring simultaneously – All lives you have perceived to have experienced or “ever will” in the human understanding of “time” is actually happening in this moment – Many of our dreams and astral experiences are literally Us experiencing these other realities when the “logical” mind is shut down in deep sleep.

Remember Who and What YOU Are

The process of enlightenment isn’t so much about “waking up” as it is in remembering – When this occurs you will KNOW there is no death only a change of worlds.

The choice is yours …


“When you wake up in the morning, the cells of your body have pushed the reset button. And if you don’t reintroduce negative beliefs that you have about your body or about your ability, as soon as you wake up—then you have a fresh start.”