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Take A Walk In Nature With Me – BE In The Now

Take a short walk in Nature with Me – BE In The Now

Oak Creek, Sedona Arizona


Be Your Own Guru

You Are Your Own Guru

I have people come to Me from time to time and ask Me what I think about Gurus, and with the caveat, “to each his own”, I simply must say that The Guru IS within. One may learn methods, techniques, history and stories by listening to another’s story and experiences but in the end it is One’s Own Path that must be followed and it IS in following One’s Own Path that what is needed for Your Own Mission is revealed through lessons and training.

It is especially apparent here in Sedona where some of the “revered Spiritual Leaders” and “New Age Gurus” are practically worshiped by some of the populace. Read and study the insights and perceptions of others but do not make them Your beliefs unless they resonate with Your OWN Experience. Even then, You must always leave flexibility to adapt to changes in comprehension, perception and information.

In these times it is imperative that You take the time each day to spend time in quiet meditation – not listening to Binaural Beats and Guided Meditations but actually BEING quiet and listening for Your Inner Voice, The One connected to The One Consciousness that gives You clear information.

I attempt to share as much as I can with You, there may be a few things that I have withheld to some extent but I have been told to do so. The insights and experiences that I do share are based upon My Own Spiritual Experiences and direct insights, You may have a different experience. Some of Us are finding that there are some similarities but there are very dramatic differences in levels of intensity.

Just KNOW that Everything happens in its own time and in its own way. You will not be “late” – You can’t BE… Everything that is happening is happening as it should and You are being guided to lessons and opportunities that will train You and prepare You as You are activated and upgraded.

Practice Love, Forgiveness, and Nonjudgment – Keep Your Vibration High and Positive and eat High Alkaline Diet – Stay Clean and Clear !!!

LOVE Each Other,