Global Awakening

Soul School

Sometimes We Speak of Only a number that will shift during this current cycle and We are deemed to be “separationist” or “dualistic” but this is NOT the case… We simply See from a bigger picture perspective and understanding of The Cycles and The Evolution of The Soul that is beyond human temporal existence and many times beyond human thought and comprehension –

Simply, this is like a school – Consider 13 levels of learning – of course there are infinitely more, but We are keeping it simple…

Each “student” is at a different level of learning, knowledge, consciousness, comprehension and experience. Each is at a different place in Their Own Evolutionary Process … Some simply aren’t ready yet, there are still lessons to be learned and there always are…

For Those Who Are Shifting – Keep Raising Your Vibration Higher – Love All – Forgive All – Judge None – Rise Above


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