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Spiritual Ego

Spiritual Ego

WOW! You may be thinking – Really? Spiritual Ego? There are numerous ways that this can be seen. Some of it may be coming from elevated “Spiritual Leaders, some from others at a particular place on their own path of Spiritual Evolution, and with others it is just plain ego.

First, let’s go over how this may appear from those who state that they are Masters, Teachers, or Gurus. Anyone who claims to be the all-in-all with all the answers and asks you to call them Guru, Master, or Teacher IS in Spiritual Ego – no matter what some devout religious followers may think. No Being that has any higher level of Enlightenment is going to ask this, nor do they seek followers.

The second category I have seen this evident in is in those who have attained a certain level of consciousness or awakening but “think” that no one else could possibly have a higher level of understanding than they do. This comes from the misconception that someone who has a higher understanding or comprehension is somehow better. This is not the case, it is simply a matter of Spiritual Evolution which results from lessons learned, and not merely in this life. Just because someone is in 6th grade doesn’t make them better than one in 3rd grade – it’s just a different level of understanding. One who truly seeks Spiritual Evolution will be able to learn from Everyone and Everything without being offended.

Lastly, we have those who are simply in ego. They may pretend to have a level of Consciousness but by their words and actions it is evident that they are being controlled by their “shadow” or ego. These are those who have virtually no understanding of Spiritual Evolution because they have never had a REAL Spiritual Experience – they seek to become more conscious through their mind, not their heart. As Sai Baba said – “You seek too much information and not enough transformation.”

All of the knowledge one acquires in useless if not put into practice. One can study about meditation, peace, love, etc – but if it is not put into practice it is meaningless.

One Who truly seeks to elevate others will guide them to seek their Own answers, will teach them that Their Own Higher Self has the answers they seek, for We are ALL connected to Source, some have just forgotten. Go within and remember Who and What You are. We are limitless – We are Eternal – Death has no bounds on Us. You are NOT a body, You are Source experiencing Itself in an individual Being.

Be Love and respond with Love and Peace and watch Your World Transform before Your Eyes!