SEO – Copywriting – Content Marketing – Social Media and More

I have developed many skills and abilities over the past two decades that I would like to share with you in making your business the dominant presence online for anyone searching for your services in your given  market.

I am a very experienced SEO/LSI Copywriter and Marketing Specialist working in the industry for over 20 years. I have written thousands of articles on well over 200 different subjects and am able to write about virtually anything imaginable. Through my chameleon-like writing ability I can relate to anyone from any walk of life; from farmers to doctors to even archaeologists!

Why I AM the perfect candidate to help take your business to the next level

From a sales and marketing standpoint, I have been marketing online, writing copy and providing SEO content since 1993, before anyone even knew what SEO was. I am well versed in Social Media as well and have also produced hundreds of my own videos on subjects from marketing to activism. I have also supervised multiple employees in web and mobile app development and testing in addition to hiring, mentoring and training sales teams for financial services and the automotive industry. I have always been at the top of my field in anything I have ever done.

I am an expert Platinum Level Author with over 2200 articles published on Ezine Articles with well over 4 million views…

I also have extensive knowledge in Social Networking such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus.

Contact me for samples of writing specific to your industry or business.

In the links below I am providing some of the websites of companies I have worked with in the past and some of my online work that is still available to be seen. I will attach my resume separately.

Websites of some companies I have worked with

Frontier Motors YouTube – Included to show how to use videos to market

Writing Examples

Ezine Articles Expert Author  Over 2200 published articles with over 4.3 million views

Skype gregg.hall

Facebook – StormWolfWords


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