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Storm Wolf

Why Do Presidential Candidates Ignore Indigenous Issues

Okay… Here’s My issue with every Presidential Election of My lifetime …

We hear talks about immigration – about terrorism – about African American rights – Hispanic rights – About Gay Rights… But NOT One WORD about INDIGENOUS Rights … WHY?

Why is nothing said about an entire country of people who had MASS genocide committed against Us that NO ONE in the world acknowledges even though it IS the single greatest genocide in the history of this planet and IS ongoing?

Those who at this very moment are fighting against Big Oil companies to not only protect their OWN lands and water but the water of nearly 20,000,000 people …

Why is the focus on foreign countries – on Palestine, on Syria – when in THIS country the very people that lived here for multiple thousands of years are not even mentioned much less included in the political arguments?

Don’t get Me wrong – I stand with the Palestinian people – I stand with the Syrian People – Because I don’t believe ANY other nation has the right to overthrow a government and install their own puppet dictators anymore than this one has….

I can speak like this because I have the blood of the Indigenous in My veins and I also trace back to Rollo the Viking, 1st Duke of Normandy who conquered Europe and whose progeny, My ancestors were French and Spanish royalty for over 600 years …

Here’s My issue … Many here in this current Amerikkka think that they have some kind of right to this country that was stolen through lies, broken treaties and mass genocide…

They call people coming in from “south of the border” illegal immigrants when in fact many of them have relatives that have lived here for hundreds of years before the borders were changed to suit the colonialists. To quote what some of My Hispanic brothers and sisters say “We didn’t cross the border the border crossed Us”

To be fair – ANYONE of European descent is an illegal immigrant to this country – The document used to explain it away called the “Doctrine of Discovery” had a clause that stated that IF there was a civilization already in place that they could not overtake it – much like the “Prime Directive” in the Star Trek series…

So to call for a wall to be built – to call a large percentage of the population illegal immigrants when in fact EVERYONE of European descent is an illegal immigrant in the truest sense of the word is offensive …

It is high time that someone acknowledges the heinous crimes perpetrated against Native Americans that is STILL ongoing today …

It is time that this nation recognizes that it doesn’t treat the Indigenous People of this country with the respect and concern deserved and stop going around the world telling other nations how inhumane they are to their people when the Indigenous are living in less than Third World living conditions while fighting their own country for something as simple as CLEAN water.

I don’t want to hear any politicians speaking about illegal immigration until they admit that THEY themselves are illegal immigrants in this nation that was illegally taken, raped and pillaged for its resources at the expense of the 80-100 million Indigenous People that were exterminated to make it more “comfortable” for them…

The ONLY ones I have seen do anything are Bernie Sanders and  Jill Stein… Are the rest really that blind to these issues?

Storm Wolf

Black Mesa

Black Mesa Atrocities

Please help me to spread this information everywhere you can… It is my feeling that the vast majority of people have no idea this is even going on – the largest forced relocation of Indigenous People since the 1880s – and it’s all being done to steal resources for coal and uranium mining while compensating the people pennies on the dollar of the actual revenue.

The resources are used to generate power in multiple states while the majority of the people where the resources are being stolen don’t even have electricity or running water. Government agencies are stealing livestock in an attempt to starve the people off their lands.

Join Me and spread this information far and wide – I am including numerous links that you can research as well as the video below called “Broken Rainbow” – I urge you to watch it in its entirety and share.

We can’t all be there hands on to help but at least we can increase awareness of the plight of The People…

Thank You


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