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Peace of Mind

Polarity Energies Causing Separations and New Unions

I share this video in the hopes that sharing my pain and my struggle with this will help others … I love You All …

Black Mesa

Black Mesa Atrocities

Please help me to spread this information everywhere you can… It is my feeling that the vast majority of people have no idea this is even going on – the largest forced relocation of Indigenous People since the 1880s – and it’s all being done to steal resources for coal and uranium mining while compensating the people pennies on the dollar of the actual revenue.

The resources are used to generate power in multiple states while the majority of the people where the resources are being stolen don’t even have electricity or running water. Government agencies are stealing livestock in an attempt to starve the people off their lands.

Join Me and spread this information far and wide – I am including numerous links that you can research as well as the video below called “Broken Rainbow” – I urge you to watch it in its entirety and share.

We can’t all be there hands on to help but at least we can increase awareness of the plight of The People…

Thank You


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