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Raw Foods

Life or Death – Alkaline vs Acidic – Your Choice

I know that there will be many who will be hard headed and stubborn about the information I AM about to share with You and that is okay, as I always say, each must walk their OWN path and if One is not ready to hear then I cannot make him listen.

Can't Make Humans Think

I have been hammered VERY hard over the last week or so to deliver this message and although I have posted some about it on Facebook I have not taken the time to actually write about it in depth as I AM doing now. I was waiting to be truly in the flow so that I could bring it to You with the full energetic impact as it has been given to Me.

So here it goes…

This IS Ancient Wisdom but it can easily be confirmed by Science and Medicine and I will give you links for research to back what is being said.

First I AM going to speak on terms of vibration and energy. Everything that You eat has an effect on your energy and consequently, your state of vibration. Eat that which is of a higher vibration it will help to maintain a higher frequency of vibration within You, eat that which is of a lower vibration then it lowers Yours. This is at its simplest terms, but it goes much deeper…

Energy Frequency Vibration

The system of Your body is in either a catabolic or anabolic state, either breaking down or building up – this also relates to alkaline or acidic. Alkaline is high vibration and anabolic while acid is lower vibration and catabolic. I KNOW this may seem boring to some of you, but I want You to understand WHY all of this is important.

Certain foods enhance Our energy and vibration and others diminish it – It IS truly that simple. ALL Disease, including cancer and heart disease as well as aging are the result of decreases in vibrational energy. When Your vibration drops below a certain level it triggers those natural forces within your body and in your environment to begin to disincorporate Your body. Which means that it is preparing to return You to The Earth.

When ANYTHING dies the cells of that body immediately lose their vibration and become acidic. This acidic state is a “signal” to microbes that it is time to decompose this material. ALL dead flesh is acidic in nature, this means ANY kind of meat, anything that once had life and is now dead is acidic in nature. Now, please bear with Me – Your health truly is at stake.

When We allow a decrease in energy due to the foods We eat we open Our bodies up to sickness and disease. When you eat foods that are higher alkaline they are easily metabolized and the waste products are quickly removed with very little energetic expense. However, when One eats highly acidic foods the waste products are acid based and the lower vibration crystalline materials create blockages in the vibratory level of Our cells.

This is where sickness and disease set in. Microbes are designed to sense the acid, when they do they automatically begin to deconstruct the body. When We allow Our bodies to become acidic We invite the attacks of these microbes, when We actually ingest dead flesh We are personally contributing to the destruction of Our Own vibratory levels and setting off the acidic triggers that call on the microbes.

This is why the title of this post says “Life or Death – Your Choice” – This is how it was given to Me. When We eat that which is already dead, We are inviting death into Our bodies in the form of microbes due to the acid. When We eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and so on that still have their vibration intact and are also alkaline We are eating Life. It really is that simple.

Raw Foods

If You only allow Yourself to listen to Your SELF instead of the ego side that “loves bacon”, You will understand that what I AM speaking of IS Truth. In Ancient Times We did not have all of the diseases on an “epidemic” scale as You have today. It is so because people choose to pollute their bodies with highly acidic diets which send the signals to the microbes to come and finish You off.

This is EXACTLY why some people get sick and some don’t. You can have two people exposed to the same virus and one will get ill and the other won’t. It is because one’s system is already acidic and on the verge of decay already and the other is strong because it is more alkaline and higher vibration. It is the inner being that makes the difference, the vibratory state which is Your defense against illness, disease and aging.

Now, the good news! Even if You have been following a highly acidic diet the negative effects can be reversed quite quickly by transitioning to a higher alkaline diet. Your cells of your body renew themselves, so You can effectively have a new body in a short time. Of course if You have a lot of damage it can take longer but the sooner you begin, the sooner You will be better.   –  Age Defying Body 

Some of You KNOW that I follow a vegan diet, mostly raw, consisting of vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits. Now You are going to learn exactly WHY I have been led to do so…

We must eat that which is closest to Source Energy, what is Source Energy? The Sun – The same energy that is transferred during photosynthesis is the same that powers Our bodies, obviously the closer to Source the better. This is why vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts are the primary choices but the vast majority of them are also highly alkaline with few exceptions. Here is a site called Human Photosynthesis that is confirming what I have been living.

You do NOT have to get sick, you do NOT have to be susceptible to disease, YOU do NOT have to age prematurely! I AM going to tell You NOW, that in combination with eating an alkaline diet and embracing the DNA changes that are occurring because of the evolutionary process happening right now you can reverse or slow it down.

Once You begin to eat this way You will also begin to be open to the inner energy sources that are available to You and You will become an efficient receiver of energy from The Sun as well and You will find the need to eat even less.

Brothers and Sisters, if You made it this far I congratulate You! I AM including links as promised to sites that will help you to determine what is best to eat as well as links that back what I have said here. It IS for Your highest good that I have shared this with You, obviously I have nothing to gain by it.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in – I AM Another Your Self

Acid-Alkaline-PH Chart

25 Alkaline Promoting Foods

25 Acid Promoting Foods

Acid – Alkaline Diet

Alkaline vs Acidic Food

Alkaline and Acidic Foods By Degree

The role of nutrition in human acid-base homeostasis has gained increasing attention in recent years. Although in healthy humans, homeostatic mechanisms and the kidneys’ capacity to excrete acid equivalents can prevent strong diet-induced alterations in blood pH, even moderate increases in blood hydrogen ion levels as a result of unfavorable diet composition can have long-term consequences for the occurrence and progression of a number of diseases. – NIH

Get the full text here 

Avoid Chronic Disease

Please feel free to contact Me if you have questions – I Love You ALL


The Sacred Path of the Warrior

“The Shambhala teachings are founded on the premise that there is basic human wisdom that can help to solve the world’s problems. This wisdom does not belong to any one culture or religion, nor does it come only from the West or the East. Rather, it is a tradition of human warriorship that has existed in many cultures at many times throughout history.”

The Sacred Path of The Warrior
Chogyam Trungpa

I found this ancient text as it has been translated into PDF for You… It is recommended reading for all.

The Sacred Path of The Warrior