The Truth About “Ascension”

Storm Wolf Words

For many years now there has been so much conversation about “ascension” and the “ascension process” – What I have to say about this may shock some, may anger some, but hopefully will enlighten others and stop you from being disappointed in something that is NOT going to happen.

For nearly two decades now there has been a consistently escalating conversation about the topic of “ascension” and how one can prepare for it. The majority of these speaking on the topic speak of it in the same tone as the christian “rapture” as an event that will take you into the heavenlies. Others tell that a benevolent ET race will come and take everyone away who is “prepared” to ascend. None of these are accurate representations of the actual process as it REALLY happens.


What is being called “ascension” is actually the rebirthing process. It is the act of being…

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