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How To Stay In The Now

When speaking to others about learning to stay in the moment I find that most often it is either past emotional issues that have not been dealt with or worry about potential future events that prevent one from being in the now. Here are a few things that need to be done in order to make being present easier.

I know that I “preach” this all the time but it is the truth, you must have NO unforgiveness. All messengers who have ever come to assist others in their own ascension/soul evolution process have spoken of forgiveness as a necessary step in the progression of soul evolution. Learning to be in the now is also part of the process, being in the now allows one to take the greatest advantage of syncronicities and activations which may otherwise be missed.

Forgiveness must start with ourselves. Just as one cannot love another unless they love themselves, one cannot forgive another unless they can forgive themselves. Sometimes our unforgiveness even goes beyond the present lifetime, this is why deep introspection and inner work is so necessary. We must identify these emotional ties and release them.

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Forgiveness must be immediate to be able to always remain in the now. Holding onto unforgiveness or grudges chains one to the past as long as that emotional bond is there. Is the pain or anger more important to you than your peace and Spiritual Evolution?

One of the reasons that those who were and are considered “Masters” are able to forgive seemingly so easily is because of knowingness of the bigger picture. We must be beyond labeling people or experiences as “good” or “bad”, we must come to understand that all beings incarnate to learn their own lessons and that we have all played innumerable roles in our Spiritual Evolution process. Sometimes you wear the white hat, sometimes you’ve worn the black hat. Sometimes you’re the bug, sometimes you’re the windshield! Acceptance of this truth will bring you great peace and allow you to be nonattached to seemingly negative experiences. Just recognize that everything is a lesson and a learning experience. All that exists is Source experiencing Itself and expanding Itself through the resulting experiences.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum we have anxiety from worrying about potential future events. Not only is this counterproductive but it is also destructive. We are always in a mode of creation. When one worries about an issue it is common to create that exact experience. The Universe doesn’t distinguish between whether or not you REALLY want a particular experience. If you are vibrating from a place of fear then the Universe will bring you experiences to allow you to work through them. If you are worrying about something then you are in a state of fear. To move past these issues, identify them and ask yourself WHY you fear this particular outcome.

The Present Is All You Have


Realize that nothing and no one has power over you and that YOU are an eternal and immortal Being. Once you come to this realization you will fear nothing, you will worry about nothing, and you will be completely at peace no matter what your situation. When you can do this, being in the now will be effortless. Let go and be in The Now. This breath, this heart beat, this moment is where eternity lies – and THIS is where The Magic happens!

Love Each Other,