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How To Stay In The Now

Storm Wolf Words

When speaking to others about learning to stay in the moment I find that most often it is either past emotional issues that have not been dealt with or worry about potential future events that prevent one from being in the now. Here are a few things that need to be done in order to make being present easier.

I know that I “preach” this all the time but it is the truth, you must have NO unforgiveness. All messengers who have ever come to assist others in their own ascension/soul evolution process have spoken of forgiveness as a necessary step in the progression of soul evolution. Learning to be in the now is also part of the process, being in the now allows one to take the greatest advantage of syncronicities and activations which may otherwise be missed.

Forgiveness must start with ourselves. Just as one cannot love another…

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Your Life Is What You Make It

Storm Wolf Words

Every morning when you awaken you are reborn. Your life is what you choose it to be. If your happiness and peace relies upon the outer influences you will always be subject to them. You are the captain of your own destiny when you REALIZE that You are not the thinker but that which observes the thinker… When you realize that you are not the “i” but “I AM Everything”

You are Universal Consciousness experiencing this particular dimensional reality out of innumerable dimensions occurring simultaneously – All lives you have perceived to have experienced or “ever will” in the human understanding of “time” is actually happening in this moment – Many of our dreams and astral experiences are literally Us experiencing these other realities when the “logical” mind is shut down in deep sleep.

Remember Who and What YOU Are

The process of enlightenment isn’t so much about “waking…

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