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Spiritual Hikes and Climbs with Storm Wolf

Climb with Storm Wolf

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Storm Wolf

The Cure For Anxiety And Depression

I see so many who “suffer” from anxiety and depression who do not take responsibility for the fact that they are doing it to themselves. One can blame situations and other people for it but the truth of the matter is that it is Ones own choice and perception that creates this outlook. Anxiety comes from worry about the future and depression comes from dwelling in the past or not accepting the current situation and seeing the lessons to be learned.

I see people who constantly watch TV or who “buy” into all of the fear tactic drama being spread around and all of it as ONE purpose. The purpose is to distract beings from Spiritual Growth and Evolution. It IS cognitive dissonance. ANYTHING that is coming from a place of fear is NOT of The One. STOP listening to it! Turn off your TV and live Your Life as it was meant to be. You were not created to sit in front of an electronic box whose sole purpose it to program You. It is NOT hidden, it is stated plainly – “TV Programming”… WAKE UP!

The intent is to make You think a certain way, to make you buy things You do not need, to continue to perpetuate an out of balance and warped world. Want to know what the cure for anxiety and depression is? It is living in the moment, staying in the now, and learning acceptance and nonattachment. Is it easy? No, it isn’t. It isn’t for the weak or feeble minded. It takes strength, resolve, and courage. But, it is the most important thing you can do for Your Spiritual Evolution and it will bring You Peace like You have never known.