Like Attracts Like

Storm Wolf Words


There are many people I talk to who cannot understand why they do not receive the things that they want or why they cannot attract a compatible mate. What must be understood is that everything is energy and responds to frequency and vibration. You must match your frequency of vibration to that which you wish to receive.

You cannot expect to receive abundance if you have a fear of lack, you cannot expect to have a kind and loving person in your life if you are not kind and loving yourself. I hear people complain about being single and how they cannot find anyone and then I observe their behavior and speech for awhile… It becomes very apparent why they are alone in short order.

When I played football growing up I had a coach who was very motivational and he knew the relationship between the mind and body in…

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On Fear And Your Release From It

Storm Wolf Words

I have been feeling led to write this for several days and after seeing many dealing with it I felt compelled to sit down and do this now…

Fear is a Choice

What must be KNOWN is that ALL fear is attached to ego, just as all of its children are. Hate, anger, selfishness, greed, anxiety, depression, and all of the other negative emotions. They only exist in the false self of the ego and one must face these things and deal with them in order to be rid of them.

Fear is different for everyone. For some it is fear of loss, whether it be of material possessions or of a loved one or of a relationship. What One must realize is that it is those things that are feared that lessons are created from as well. If One dwells upon what is feared, eventually a lesson will be created to force you…

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