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Brothers and Sisters, KNOW this, my words are NOT intended for the masses. I KNOW there are many who will never have an understanding of what I am trying to share, my intention is to remind those who SHOULD know of who THEY are and HOW they ought to live as a result of that knowledge. Those who ARE of the Spirit should not need to be instructed by one outside themselves, but for those who are just beginning to learn to hear that Inner Voice, or for those who have allowed the things of the world to dull their hearing, I hope that my words help to reopen the lines of communication for you. Love Each Other, Storm Wolf

Enemy is Fear

Everything More Likely to Kill You Than “Terrorists”

The government and mainstream media have been partners in propaganda for decades and one of the biggest lies they have successfully pulled off is the fear of “terrorist attacks” from “muslim extremists” while ignoring facts. Is the chance of a terrorist encounter enough to keep you off airplanes?

You should be more concerned about the fact that your car is a high-speed death pod, statistically speaking, or that bad lifestyle habits, in the long run, can put you at risk for a fatal disease. The truth is, you’re 23 times more likely to die falling off a building than in a skydiving accident, and 40 thousand times more likely to die crossing the street than in a terrorist attack on a commercial airliner.

From 1995 to 2014 a little over 3500 Americans died in “terrorist attacks”, that’s including the anomaly of 911.  

Televisions kill 176 people a year falling on them…

There were 762 homicides in Chicago alone in 2016…

I am going to post numerous links for you to research yourself all of the things more likely to kill you. For starters I can tell you that Americans not only kill each other exponentially more than any other but they also kill more OTHER people than ANY other country.

Police kill more people each year than soldiers die in combat. Drug overdoses… Heart disease… Suicides…

Screwed Up Spending Priorities

To the least likely means of death I’ve mentioned, terrorism, the federal government devotes about $150 billion annually. On the other hand, to combat the most likely cause of death, heart disease, the government contributes only $2 billion. And just $300 million is devoted to research on the third most likely cause of death, strokes.

So looking at it another way, we spend $500 million for every death from terrorism and only $2,000 for every death resulting from strokes. That means we spend 250,000 times more per death on terrorism. I’m sure all of this is very flattering to Osama bin Laden, but this disparity might leave some stroke victims scratching their heads, assuming they’ve retained full motor control of their arms.

Dogs kill more people than “terrorists”

Take the time to investigate the links below and STOP with the irrational and unfounded fear of terrorist attacks”. It’s time to bring the troops home and put them to work rebuilding our infrastructure with the money we’ve been using destroying other countries and committing genocide on innocent people.


False Sense of Insecurity

Poverty Kills More People Than Heart Disease or Cancer

25 Most Common Causes of Death 

American “Terrorism” Deaths

10 Things More Likely to Kill You Than Islamic Terror

30 Americans Die Worldwide From “Terrorism” While 130,000 Die in Accidents

If Americans’ fear of death were rooted in data and objectivity, they might drop their calls to ban Muslims. The recent rash of attacks against peaceful Muslims might wane. Eighty-three percent of registered voters might not fear an inevitable terror attack. A majority of Americans might not call for further military escapades in the Middle East, which will most assuredly kill countless innocent civilians…

Rather, Americans might consider changing many elements of their everyday lives. They might alter their diets to reduce heart attacks, tackle their addictions to pharmaceuticals, remove their televisions from their homes, and, er, avoid the dangerous bovine masses they have come to resemble so closely.

Nationalism is Violence

Nationalism is Violence

Nationalism is violence – judging people for religious beliefs is violence – What is being done is done from a place of FEAR – Let ME share something with those who call themselves “christians” – IF it comes from a place of fear it is NOT from Creator …

IF you fear someone of another race or religion killing you then YOU have been horribly programmed. In this country you are FAR more likely to be killed by the police, another American or the prescription drugs you take than by someone seeking a NEW WAY of Life …


Nationalism is Violence