The Ego is Holding You Back

Storm Wolf Words

I know that I speak about this a lot but it is because I want so much for ALL to understand this Truth…

It IS the ego that is the source of ALL of your woes, all of your suffering, and all of your problems, both perceived and unperceived.

The ego wants what IT wants. It is unconcerned with Truth and it is unconcerned with Your Spiritual Evolution. It is in fact diametrically opposed to Your Spiritual Evolution because the end result is its inevitable destruction.

It is ego that prevents One from forgiveness, both of self and of others and it is unforgiveness that causes us pain from guilt over Our pasts and anxiety about the future. It is the ego that cannot live in the moment. Ego must believe itself to be in control when in fact it is in control of nothing.

When One begins to let…

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