Statesman Jefferson

A Call to The Return Of Statesmen In the White House and Congress

Over the past few decades there has been a continual decline in actual “Statesmen” both for President and in Congress. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition is as follows:


Definition of statesman

  1. 1:  one versed in the principles or art of government; especially:  one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government or in shaping its policies
  2. 2:  a wise, skillful, and respected political leader
I think it is safe to say that these qualities are rare if not nonexistent today. So we must ask ourselves how and why this came to be.
I feel it is pretty easy to see the cause of this by looking at how lobbyists and other private interests not only influence elections but also votes in Congress.
In addition to the above we have private contributions:
Koch Brothers
One of the big reasons Trump was elected was groups like Citizens United
All one need do is have a peek at their site to see the propaganda spewed there.
The links given above are not meant to be all inclusive but merely to give you a place to start. You may also look up the money coming into individual Congressmen at this location:
The reason I am giving you all of this information is so that you can understand WHY there must be a profound change in the electoral process and why lobbying must be outlawed, IF you don’t know this already…
In my opinion the ONLY way that we can hope to have fair and honest elections as well as fair and honest representation in Congress and the White House is to impose term limits on Congress and eliminate lobbying AND private campaign contributions. And before I get into specifics, let me address a comment sure to come up since I have heard it when previously discussing this issue. “Our vote is the term limit” – I vehemently disagree and this is why. Both Paul Ryan (30/53 approval) and Mitch McConnell (24/48) are very unpopular on the national scene as well. Overall Congress has just an 18% approval rating, with 65% of voters disapproving of it.
We have a president with a 36% approval rating as of May 2017 and a Republican Congress with a dismal approval rating as shown above and they keep getting voted back in so obviously we cannot count on the intelligence of voters to make the right choices when these people to leave. IF we impose term limits then MAYBE they will work to do the right thing instead of always working to make sure they stay in office and keep getting the under the table handouts.
My suggestion for electoral reform is the following:
  • Eliminate the Electoral College – It is an antiquated system that has outlived its usefulness, if it were ever to be used as it was designed it would have been in the 2016 election. No candidate should be put into the Presidency after LOSING by nearly 3 million votes.
  • THOROUGHLY vet the candidates BEFORE they are even allowed into the debates, including making the release of tax reTurns MANDATORY. IF this had been done Trump would NEVER have been allowed to run and we would not be dealing with the current nightmare we are living today.
  • All candidates will receive EQUAL campaign funding subsidized from the government with ZERO campaign contributions allowed from corporations, private interest groups, or individuals. This will level the playing field and allow individuals that have the skills, qualifications and CONSCIENCE necessary to govern. In the current system one either must be wealthy or have the backing of the wealthy to even run for office.
  • Congress should be limited to ONE six year term in my opinion, however I am open to debate on this, but there MUST be limits.
  • Disallow redistricting of precincts – this is another thing that swung the election in 2016.

Who is with me? It’s time to get rid of the money grabbers and put people in office that actually care more about the country and the people than their own pockets.

Look for my next post on how we can have Universal Healthcare like EVERY other industrialized nation and why it will never be done the way it is being attempted now…



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