Stop The Gender Bashing – That Isn’t What It’s About

What’s up with all the gender bashing I see going on? What I SEE when I See this is unhealed and unforgiving Beings … Not Beings Who have integrated Their Masculine and Feminine Selves within The Vessel …

Any Man that thinks “ALL Women are evil” or ANY Woman that thinks “All Men are evil” have a LONG way to go in Their Spiritual Evolution … I could bore You to death with stories of abuse and mistreatment Myself but I don’t blame the gender …

The issue is one of Spiritual Evolution – A balanced Soul understands this – At this stage of Spiritual Evolution it takes TWO Souls that REALIZE that the ONLY way to go higher is in relationship – This is where We grow the most –

and Two such Souls will be COMMITTED to growing TOGETHER – not running away to seek it elsewhere – When We run We are ONLY running from Our OWN unresolved issues which will just knock on Our door wearing a different mask …

Stop blaming, stop running, stop thinking You must be alone…

The “guru” living in a cave alone only learns that bats are noisy and crap on Your head … And people who isolate Themselves from relationship tend to spend a lot of time in Their heads living in the past or the future – Not All, but MOST ….

LOVE is an ENDLESS act of Forgiveness and until You get THIS Truth You will always keep getting the lessons and keep hurting Others as well as Your Self …

Love Each Other – Forgive Each Other – Be KIND and CARING to Each Other … It isn’t that difficult when You come from The Heart and LOVE …

Rant over …

I Love You All



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