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On Positive and Negative

I have seen some posts recently about experiencing positivity and negativity and embracing both… That those encouraging people to vibrate at a higher level are somehow “limiting” …. I don’t feel that anyone needs help being negative, that is human nature in My observation.

IF Anyone wishes to embrace their particular negative vibrations, by all means go for it. BUT, don’t wonder why You are attracting negative situations, attacks and sickness while you hold on to your precious negativity…

As for Me I choose to rise above it, not be controlled and consumed by it. The ego loves you wallowing in your negativity because it knows as long as you stay there, it is safe. This is why whenever One is seeking Higher Consciousness, the ego pulls out all stop, including telling you that being negative is just fine…

Everyone has their Own Path, Their Own timing and Their Own Way and all must pass through certain steps and lessons, but I for One will NEVER encourage anyone to embrace negative or low vibrations that hold them back from moving into Higher Consciousness.

Identify them and be rid of them or wallow in them in self pity and the false belief that You are meant to Be that way. It is simply more duality perpetrated by ego.

Storm Wolf


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