High Vibration

Vibrate At The Highest Frequency Possible

What ALL need to remember is that no one can “make” You angry, sad, guilty or anything else. What others do is on them, how YOU respond is on You.

Another only has the power you give them… And when a you allow another to upset Your inner Peace then You have given Your Power away…

This Life experience We are currently having has many twists and turns and infinite characters playing infinite roles in order to assist You in Your Spiritual Evolution –

You need only realize that this Is all about evolving Consciously and Spiritually and the fastest way to get to where You want to be is to stay In The Now…

Get out of Your Head and Into Your Heart –

Love and Forgive Everyone – That which You hate on others You already did in another Lifetime… This is why The One known as “Jesus” speaking from Source Consciousness said ” Judge No One” All have done all, none are innocent..:

Let it go… Be Who and What You came here to Be and try to appreciate and understand others Who are doing the same –

This Planet is a Spiritual School from Pre-K to Infinite levels beyond any Earthly educational description and There are many at this time at the Higher Levels of Their Path a Who are being transformed –

This does Not make Us better than another, We simply are among the first and someone always has to be first

Over the coming months and years Many will be transformed and others will not. We must allow Each Sovereign Being to walk the path They choose to walk and not assume Their path is wrong because it is different from Our Own.

Love Each Other

Storm Wolf


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