Blue Medicine Man

Prophecies of A New Beginning

Prophecies of a New Beginning
They’re poisoning our waters with uranium, oil, and gas
Concrete cities and refineries cover what was once trees and grass
Earthquakes are increasing with every hole they drill
Sucking the lifeblood from Gaia, when will they get their fill?

Sun Bear said one day they’d be brought to their knees
when Mother Earth shakes like a dog ridding itself of fleas
The Hopi are saying the purification time is now at hand
soon the dark ones in control will be expelled from our lands

Aho – Ahay – When will it end?
Aho – Ahay – When will it end?

Crazy Horse said He saw a time off seven generations
when the Rainbow Warriors would rise up from many colors and nations
So rise Rainbow Warriors from every race and creed
Mother Earth is calling You to help in Her time of need

Aho – Ahay – When will it end?
Aho – Ahay – When will it end?

Hear Me Brothers and Sisters – Heed this Battle Call
We are being brought together for the greater good of all
Have no fear and understand the battle’s already won
We are The Ones We’re waiting for, it’s time to get this done

Cree Prophecy says when the last tree is gone and last fish has been caught
then many will understand his efforts to destroy the earth have been for naught
When the last river is poisoned the darkness will know they have been beaten
then man will finally realize that money cannot be eaten

Aho – Ahay – This is how it ends
Aho – Ahay – This is how it ends

Every new beginning comes at another beginnings end….

Storm Wolf via The Creator


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