Worship No One

Anyone that asks You to worship them is not deserving of Your Worship… Source does not ask for it… Source seeks Your Love Only just as We all desire to be loved. No One Who is at One with Source will ask anyone to worship them, not even The One known as “Jesus” sought to be worshiped.

What many are reluctant to acknowledge or consider is that the “gods” they are worshiping are not really gods at all but are rather advanced multidimensional beings seeking to control others and coerce them into believing a particular dogma.

The being that many worship as their creator is NOT The Being known as The Source-Creator but is an impostor who has subjugated the masses under false pretense by taking advantage of the ignorance of the collective.

The Being that gave humans all of the technology, tools, and knowledge that allowed them to evolve as they have is blamed for what humans have done with the knowledge because humans have difficulty accepting responsibility for their own actions. At the same time they worship the “god” that attempted to wipe all of Creation off the face of the planet…

Wrong “god” folks…

ALL Of Creation exists as a means for Source to experience All of Creation through The Created… As Source is Ever Expanding so The Universe IS Ever Expanding…

“I AM The Void and The Light Which Emanates from It – I AM The Light and The Darkness… I AM The Between and The In Between … I AM Everything”



2 thoughts on “Worship No One

  1. Angel

    Love this, thank you for sharing. Vibrating…very high right now. 🙂 The Great I AM is me and you and all and no thing…yes!!! 🙂


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