Do You Know Who You Are?

At first glance this may seem to be a simple question, but the answer is not quite that simple…

Most people identify who they are with what they do, with who others think they are, with their children, their spouse, their family, etc. The question I AM asking is do You KNOW Who IS looking back at the reflection in the mirror?

To truly know this one must strip away all that is not YOU until all that remains IS You. You have been led to believe all of Your Life that You are this physical body and that it is your physical brain that is most important in deciphering and determining your world, but this is NOT the case. The lessons We go through in life are designed to do exactly this, to peel away the layers of the onion until all that is left is the True Self.

This is why there is so much division in the world today. People separate themselves from each other based on race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual preference and more but none of these things are YOU.

One Consciousness

Until One learns not to look at others as separate from self but as part of a greater whole there will always be strife and division. In order to do this One must KNOW Who and What They are at the innermost part of Their Being. Even though We come from many different places along Our Path We All have an original origin from where We All have come.

In order to Know, You must put aside the “emotional body” which takes a great deal of processing, of denying the ego and allowing the True Self to steer Your Vessel. Why should One want to do this? When You reach a state of Self Realization, of KNOWING Who and What You truly are then You are no longer held captive by fear and no longer held captive by Your past.

All of the troubles in this world are the result of attachment to an illusion of Who You are and of the world itself. From a very early age You are conditioned to identify with the false ego-shadow self, this is not the Self I AM speaking of when I speak of “Self Realization.” Self Realization is becoming Conscious of Your Immortality as an Eternal Being that cannot be destroyed EVER. When You TRULY understand this Truth then You can step out of the loop that You have been in and BE Who You came here to BE.

How is this accomplished? One must be ever cognizant of the old patterns and loops that play from the memories stored in Your brain and identify them as no longer relevant or necessary in Your Life. IF You are completely honest with Your Self then You will realize that these old “automated” patterns are what cause You to react in certain ways to certain situations even though in reality they may be nothing like what You have experienced before.

Your ego has one primary job and that is its own preservation at any cost, and because it is truly nothing more than a figment of your imagination, nothing more than a hologram, it doesn’t care if YOU get hurt in the process. Many people think of ego and think that it implies arrogance or pride. While this can be some of the “symptoms” of someone who is “in ego” this is not what the ego is. The ego also is the one that fears, hates, is easily angered, and feels separation from others. Once One becomes fully Conscious then it is understood that this feeling of separation is false and self destructive.

We are All of One Infinite Consciousness. Those Who come to this state are able to access information that others cannot because the ego blocks the communication. Some of the greatest discoveries in history have been made by Beings Who understood This, even If They were not fully cognizant of what had happened within Them to bring Them to This State of Consciousness. Some examples include Tesla, Einstein, Copernicus, and most recently Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, Space Ex, and Solar City.

Other Beings are here to teach and assist others in realizing Consciousness and also are able to access information that is not readily available to the masses via connection to Source-Creator. In Truth We are All Conduits of Source and receive in proportion to how clear Our “conduits” are. The clearer the conduit, the clearer the message. This is why as One becomes more and more Conscious there will be changes that You will feel compelled to make as if You had no choice in the matter. This is because Who You Truly are is beginning to pilot Your vessel and the ego self feels a loss of control, which was illusory anyway.


When You come to a place where You truly KNOW Who You are then You realize how much better Your life IS allowing Your True Self to run the show. You no longer live in fear and Peace, Love, and Freedom are the most important things to You. You no longer identify yourself with what You own, or Who You are with, where You live and so on. It IS all about evolving Spiritually into a higher state of Consciousness than You have ever known. You will no longer fear ANYTHING, including death because You KNOW that You are Eternal.

Everyone You meet, everything You come in contact with, everything You experience is an opportunity to learn a lesson and raise Your Vibration IF You stay in The Now and pay attention to what is going on around You. You will see synchronicities happening constantly and as You become in tune with Source Your Co-creative abilities will allow You to begin manifesting the Life You desire. You will become free of the system and its fear based constructs, you will no longer feel bound to a particular job that does not resonate with You, in fact You will become so uncomfortable if it doesn’t suit you that You will not be able to remain.

You may feel drawn to certain places in these days, this is what I call the internal “homing beacon” which is within Our DNA and is a built in signal that not only guides Us to Those Who can assist Us in Our Evolution but is also for survival. Those Who have this mechanism and heed it are guided to places of safety during major global calamities and upheavals like those that are upon Us and coming in the near future. One of My favorite musical artists has a verse in the song I AM including below which says, “If You wish to survive You must find The Guide inside…” It IS that simple.

What I AM speaking to You may be mislabeled or misconstrued by some as “New Age” thought but it IS not… What many are perceiving as “New Age” is simply Ancient Wisdom presented in a “New Way” that can be more easily understood by the current incarnation of HUmans on this Planet. As Solomon said, “There is NOTHING new under the Sun. Everything that has been has been before and will be again.”

I AM Here For You…

Love Each Other – I Love You All



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