Like Attracts Like

Like Attracts Like


There are many people I talk to who cannot understand why they do not receive the things that they want or why they cannot attract a compatible mate. What must be understood is that everything is energy and responds to frequency and vibration. You must match your frequency of vibration to that which you wish to receive.

You cannot expect to receive abundance if you have a fear of lack, you cannot expect to have a kind and loving person in your life if you are not kind and loving yourself. I hear people complain about being single and how they cannot find anyone and then I observe their behavior and speech for awhile… It becomes very apparent why they are alone in short order.

When I played football growing up I had a coach who was very motivational and he knew the relationship between the mind and body in order to achieve optimal performance. He used to say to us when we were slacking, “You have stinking thinking” – This is the problem with many people, it is their mind holding them back from receiving what they desire.  Change your thoughts and change your life.

confined by walls you build

The other issue that needs to be understood is that We also attract what We NEED to learn as part of Our Spiritual Evolution, whether We like it or not and whether we accept it as such at the time. There are no accidents or coincidences. Every experience you have has a purpose, everyone you meet has something to teach you. IF You stay in the now You can recognize them when they present themselves.

I have written and spoken before about labels. As long as you keep labeling experiences as “good” and “bad” you are going to keep going up and down on an emotional roller coaster. When You can accept all you experience as just that, experiences, then You can stay in a state of peace and calm no matter what is going on around You. – See “Getting Rid of Labels”

Positive Energy

Now lets go a little deeper…

As You read these words You may feel that You have a “calling” to help facilitate changes that will make your world “better” place. What needs to be understood is that YOUR reality is what YOU create it to BE. You must be honest with yourself, what are YOU doing personally to create the reality You wish to experience?

I see people who wish to see Peace in the world and yet they have no Peace within themselves. The Collective is exactly what the word means – it is a collective of all individuals and therefor in order to see change on a massive scale it first must begin in each individual. If you seek Peace and yet your life is run by fear, anger, unforgiveness, selfishness, greed, and so on then how can you expect to see it?

If You wish to have love in Your Life then YOU must BE Love in order to attract it. If You allow past experiences to cause You to be negative and untrusting how can You expect to attract someone Who will be positive, trusting and loving of You? Everyone You have ever known has come into Your Life to teach You something about Yourself. Instead of cursing your abusers You should thank them for making You stronger, for preparing You for that person that You want to be with, for your mission no matter what it may be.

be the person you want to meet

This is a fundamental Law of The Universe. One of the biggest lies ever told is “opposites attract” – This is NOT the way of Nature. In Nature like attracts like. We do not see cats having relationships with dogs, birds of a feather flock together. You are NOT a battery, positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. If You wish to have someone positive in Your Life You cannot expect it to happen while you are sitting around complaining about how “all men suck” or “all women are bitches”. If that is Your thought process then that is the reality You are going to experience.

thoughts become things

If You see things in Your reality that You want to change first look within and ask, “What am I doing that contributes to this?” If You are against war and yet are one who still has strong nationalist views you are of that same energy that creates war and destruction. Peace can only come about though a recognition of Oneness, not of separation. In the U.S. there is outrage over “illegal immigrants”, personally, I find this ironic considering that these same people complaining are descendants of those who came here and stole the land from the Indigenous inhabitants. Perhaps, this is a kind of “Collective Karma” …

The Earth is in a transitional stage right now and is raising Her Vibration to move into another dimension of consciousness, those that match Her vibration will shift with Her. Some of Us are here to assist in this Shift, to help those Who will shift with Mother Earth and also to attempt to “warn” others of the need to change their ways if they wish to survive here.

vibrate at highest possible frequency

If You wish to experience a different reality then align Your vibration with that which You seek to experience. This is the ONLY way that it will happen. Do not be discouraged if You are put through some things along the way, all is meant to teach you, to train you, to sharpen you and prepare you for what IS to come.

Thought precedes form and form precedes action. Whatever You are focusing on IS creating YOUR reality. Worrying creates that which You do not want, when You worry You are telling the Universe, “I need to experience this in My reality so I can get over My fear of it.” Let go of fear and You WILL Know Peace and Freedom.

BE Who and What You wish to experience – This IS How The Universe Works…

I Love You – Love Each Other – Forgive Everyone – Judge No One


Be a Warrior not a worrier


4 thoughts on “Like Attracts Like

  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    What a comprehensive and yet succinct look at how our thoughts create our reality. Many good reminders here!
    PS I am on board with the recognition of Oneness…in every arena.

  2. Kara

    After googling Ram Dass I happily stumbled upon your blog and I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for the resources and sharing so truthfully x


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