Storm Wolf

Free Will and Mission

It is My Wish that Those of You Who have a Choice Understand Those of Us Who Do Not – Our Choice Was Made Before We Arrived Here … We Are Here to Be Who And What We Are and That Appears to Be completely Opposite what the current World is About –

We Are Not Here to Puff Ourselves Up – We Are Not Here to Be Condescending or Arrogant – We Are Not “Know-it Alls” – We Are Simply Trying to help Others avoid The Pain of Our Path – What have We to Gain By Putting Our Selves On The Line?

Not Everyone is Out for Themselves – Some of Us Truly Are Here for The Good of The Whole – We Are The One Consciousness expressing Itself in Physical Form and it Seems as Always that We are misunderstood…

We Are Of All Races from All Over The Universe and We Are One


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