Christ Consciousness

He Who Loses His Life Will Find It

Those of You Who have followed along with Me know that I sometimes will examine an Ancient Text so that it can be seen in a different way perhaps… In that light I wish to look at this one that some do not understand…

“Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.” Luke 17:33 from The Bible…

What was Being conveyed was that in order to KNOW Immortality – In order to Realize Consciousness and All that comes with it One must be willing to let go of this life – What is this life? It is the ego… It is ONLY the ego that is attached to “things” – that fears – that gets angry – that cannot forgive….

It is in letting go that One finds True Freedom and Peace… Letting go opens the door to the Higher Levels and eventually when it IS Your Timing, the “Kundalini Awakening” – “Christ Consciousness” –

This IS a Real Event and it is that which was referred to as “Being born of The Spirit”

The problem is that many religious teachers have trivialized it by making it appear to be something it is not… There are MANY Who claim to have gone through the process, but I can promise You that this is NOT the case… As One Who has, I KNOW firsthand the changes that accompany the process and there is NO WAY that One Who has been through it can think or act in the way that many of these who claim it do….

To be in “Christ/Krishna Consciousness is to Be at One with The One… To KNOW Oneness – To come from a place of Love and Forgiveness at All Times… This transformation also reintegrates what has been termed the “Twin Flames” Which are Your Original Higher Spiritual Aspects as created in the beginning “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.…” – This IS referring to The SPIRITUAL BEINGS We ARE, not “flesh and blood” –

We separated in order to experience things in a different manner – The Twin Flame is that other part of You and IS NOT in another person but will be reintegrated within THIS Physical vessel as part of the “Ascension Process” –

Another part of this is that Your Physical body will also be renewed… You will have your organs revitalized – tendons, ligaments and muscles strengthened, immune system boosted, your mind will be quieted so that You are almost in a state of 24-7 meditation without thought unless You specifically think about something – Always in The Now…

This has also been documented scientifically with research showing the thickening of the corpus callosum, the “bridge” between the right and left hemispheres. This is what brings us into the “peace that surpasses all understanding – You are no longer at war with your SELF.

That Which You are seeking IS Seeking You – All YOU have to do is to let go of the illusion to KNOW The Real… The ego is very tricky and will fight you to the end to tell you of its necessity, which is why so few people ever attain this level of Consciousness, because they cannot get past the ego at the door – “He who loses his life shall find it”

If You wish to get past mere faith and belief then You must first have the faith to let go and KNOW…

Everyone has Their Own Timing, Their Own Lessons, Triggers and Catalysts that lead Them to this point – and contrary to what many teach, not everyone will get it in this lifetime… Some are simply not on that path at this time, and that is okay… Accept it and do not judge them. All are where They need to Be for Them at this moment of THEIR Spiritual Evolutionary Process…

Each Need Only be concerned with Their OWN State of Consciousness and Their OWN Path… Go within, THIS Is Where You will find the answers to ALL of Your Questions… You must face the darkness within You and Illuminate It… Realize that YOU Are an Immortal and Eternal Being – When You truly experience what I have described You will NEVER Know fear of anything again. Why?

Because YOU, Who You TRULY Are KNOWS All of What I have just told You – Knows of Its Immortality and Connection with The One and Does not fear anything and is therefor not angered nor holds unforgiveness or bitterness…

Let go and KNOW – Let Go and Live Forever ❤

“There are those standing here Who will NOT taste of death…”

Storm Wolf

Christ Consciousness


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