Mercury Retrograde

What You need to KNOW About The Mercury Retrograde and the coming Solstice

The Mercury Retrograde typically sends everyone into a state of fear and hiding – This is because the energies are VERY intense and can cause EXTREME reactions in those that are NOT balanced…

This is why SO MANY relationships fall apart, jobs end, etc… Because people allow themselves to be controlled by the energies instead of BEING in a place to Be able to draw on Their Power….

The BEST Thing that You can do is to spend as much time as possible in Nature and Meditation – DEEP Inner Questioning – Discovering things that You have been hiding even from Yourself – Unresolved “guilt” – Unresolved “unforgiveness” – and so on…

You must LET THESE THINGS GO… Mercury Retrograde is a time of letting go and transition… There are MANY of US Who are Being called to make changes at this time which are in Opposition to traditional wisdom in regards to this time but for those that are I simply say to You, BE Conscious…

This is a time to BE Conscious of Your Thoughts, Words and Actions…. Respond from Spirit instead of reacting from ego…. Mercury Retrograde is a time where many fall into the trap of letting the tail wag the dog… Most are still battling the false egoic self and this one rears its ugly head even more viciously during this time… What You must do is BE in a place of Inner Peace to NOT allow this to happen…

I have seen MANY already even before the process has even begun already being shaken up, emotional, going through so many struggles and instead of taking the time to process and to find Inner Peace are “venting” and seeking “support” on Facebook….

ALL Of the the Help that You NEED Is Within You – As Rumi said, “That Which You Seek IS Seeking You”

There is a HUGE Transformation coming for many over the coming days and weeks – whether it is a “positive” or a “negative” will depend upon YOU…

I AM Urging ALL of You to take the time to go within Yourselves and find those closets that need cleaning out… Prepare Yourselves… BE Ready and do not allow the Energies to take You over…

Eat as clean as possible – Maintain a High Alkaline Diet – Meditate – Do NOT Speak unless spoken to and When You do take the time to respond from Spirit NOT from ego – This will save many of You a lot of pain and anguish…

Great things are coming – To Whom Much is Given Much is Required….


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