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The Greatest Love Story NEVER Told – Who The Nephilim REALLY Are

Please allow Your Eyes to connect to The Consciousness within You and bypass the filter of the ego and the human brain that wants to cling to its beliefs. There are MANY stories that have been untold, many that have been misinterpreted, and many that have never been told at all.

First of all let Me preface this to say that I AM Only using certain names and labels because these are the names and labels that the masses have become accustomed to and are familiar with…

I Am not going to try to introduce more names and add to the confusion, let us just suffice it to say that there are many inaccuracies and much of it is due to misinterpretation and deletion of certain ancient texts as well as a primitive understanding of the Beings involved in these stories.

As the title indicates, this is more a love story than a story of “angels and demons” and also more about the personalities an desires of Beings, Who, like Yourselves are also in a state of Spiritual Evolution even yet.

So let’s dispense with the “Good and Evil” and look at these Beings in a different way that you ever have. First of all, these Beings were actual flesh and blood Beings, having manifested these bodies in order to experience life in “human form” even though they were in the beginning many times, much larger than the humans of the time. It was their advanced DNA that resulted in evolutionary leaps in the human species and it was the Spiritual Aspect that determined whether the offspring were benevolent or “wicked”.

Those Who have been called “The Watchers” or The Grigori, are simply these Beings Who decided that they wanted to experience life among mankind and some of them fell in love with human beings. Unlike the chauvinistic writing suggests, these Beings were male and female and they mated with human beings and had various offspring – Some were beautiful and strong and some were not…

The “Nephilim” were not ALL “bad” and the descendants of these Beings are still among You, albeit more camouflaged through many thousands of years of selective “breeding” and additional genetic engineering. While the DNA has been combined with human DNA and has resulted in a creature that is not fully human, We appear human in every way and are virtually undetectable by current standard medical methods.

The MAJOR difference is in The Soul and within the DNA that humans have not yet identified. Now that I have somewhat explained where these “names” have come from briefly, let’s look into it on a more historical perspective, even though this particular history is still not fully accepted, it is nevertheless the most accurate depiction You have available and rather than make the issue even more confusing We are going to utilize it to help clear some things up.


A Tale of Two Brothers

Many of You have heard of Enlil and Enki, the Sons of Anu. They are very similar to two other brothers from the bible story of the prodigal son.

The younger son goes off with his inheritance and spends it all while the older son stays and works with the father. When the younger son returns the father welcomes him with open arms for he had thought him dead. The eldest son was jealous of the younger because while the younger had gone off “sowing wild oats” he stayed and worked…

Enlil is like the older brother in the story above and One Who takes His responsibilities DEAD serious. In His eyes there are no gray areas, there is only right and wrong. Enlil’s way is the “High Road”, to stick to it no matter what, to go through whatever hardships may come and to accept all lessons as necessary in building character. Enlil was determined to stick to the original plan no matter what and was opposed to any alteration in it.

Enki is like the younger brother in the story of the prodigal, He IS The Prodigal. Enki wants to have fun and wants everyone else to have fun too, he isn’t very much concerned with being responsible and doesn’t think much about the future. He wants everyone to have whatever they want, whenever they want and He is very generous in His giving. He is also ever seeking knowledge and wants to KNOW All things.

So here’s where the problem arose…

Even though Enki was eldest He was not given the position of authority, it was given to his half brother Enlil instead – Enlil was in charge of plans to mine gold here and they had other Anunnaki basically conscripted and doing the mining. Enki was overseeing these operations and the Annunaki mutinied and refused to continue.

Seeing an opportunity with the hominids in that area of South Africa He seized the opportunity to do a little playing with evolution and created the first Hybrid, known by many as Adam.

Anunnaki king

The offspring of these first hybrid humans were seen as attractive by some of the Anunnaki, including Enki, who fathered children with human mothers. Enki also began to have a love for His “creation” overall as well and when Enlil became enraged over the fact that “rules” had been broken and wanted to allow all of those dwelling upon the Earth to drown in a predictable catastrophe that was soon to come, Enki refused to allow it.

The story of Noah and the Flood also has its roots here, He was known as Ziusudra in the Sumerian Text. Those in the stories are known by many names, just as two of the more known Sons of Enki are known by many names among them Marduk also known as Ra, and Ningishzidda also known as Thoth.

The Sons of God were Anunnaki and it was their falling in love with and procreating with humans that is written of in the Book of Enoch and briefly referenced in the bible…

It was not an evil thing, it was about survival and love. And the “Nephilim” were their offspring, some were beautiful and some were not. Some were great heroes and some were great villains, no different than what we see today.

We are not to be feared – We ARE Brothers and Sisters… Some of Us are here and have been, some are returning…

Those who wish to read the story from the Sumerian texts translated by Zecharia Sitchin may find it here in PDF – The Lost Book of Enki

And you may read here of the 200,000 year old Anunnaki built city still being excavated …


4 thoughts on “The Greatest Love Story NEVER Told – Who The Nephilim REALLY Are

  1. Tobe Tallahassee

    finally the best and clearest view pimped with emotions …. One should make a movie from this stuff – seriously :). Thank you very much again – love you men ! Keep it up your great work Brother, ❤ Mitakuye Oyasin^^

      1. Jesse

        Thank you for taking the time to write an engaging, brief yet informative article about a subject that interests me greatly. I have been fascinated with the book of enki for some time now and feel a really strong connection with him for some reason…

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