Light Body

Changing The World Starts With You

I would like to SEE the cessation of blame for the condition of the world and its inhabitants on Source or “God” or whatever label you wish to apply…

Humans ALWAYS want to have their cake and eat it too – They NEVER want to accept responsibility for THEIR Own actions…

YOU asked for Free Will and YOU got it… This world is in the state it is in because of the MASS unconsciousness of The Collective as a WHOLE…

Humans by nature are run by the false self – the ego – they live in survival mode blaming everything they do on this aspect… They let the “tail wag the dog” all of their lives and do not think beyond what is on TV and what is on the table…

IF We are to see This World change it must be preceded by a shift in Consciousness – You WILL NOT change it with resistance – As I have stated before, “What You resist, persists”

The way We accomplish The Mission We were sent here for is by creating The New Reality – NOT by fighting the old… The old reality is ALREADY collapsing on itself like a Black Hole – IF some of YOU could see this You would stop putting energy into it and stop feeding it – The old world feeds on negative energy and ANYTHING that is destructive IS Negative REGARDLESS of the intended outcome…

We are in a place at this very moment of rapid evolution and transformation – I have been speaking about this and so have many others… MANY of You have been feeling “out of sorts” lately – What are YOU doing about it? Are You taking the time to be still and quiet and LISTEN?

We are HERE to EVOLVE and to BE Who and What We Truly are – Conscious, Eternal and Immortal Co-Creative Beings –

You cannot expect to accomplish Your Mission as long as you persist in wallowing in low frequency activities of negative emotion and You must take seriously the dietary recommendations I have given You… It is for your OWN Good….

Raise Your frequency of vibration and receive ALL there IS for You – Activation of dormant DNA, Evolution both Spiritually and Physically –

Keep lowering it and you will experience sickness and death…

Positive Thoughts and Actions raise Frequency of Vibration

Negative thoughts and actions LOWER frequency of vibration

Live Foods of Higher Alkaline Content raise frequency of vibration

DEAD things which are acidic LOWER frequency of vibration

Frequency of Vibration translates to LIFE FORCE ENERGY….


I AM making this as simple as I KNOW how to do…

Changing The World begins with YOU – How much time have You spent on YOU Today?


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