Living The Law of One – The Choice

The words mythology and religion should be far more interchangeable
than they are. The difficulty is that in myth there is no judgment
between one myth and another, whereas in religion, those of one
religion square off with hostility against those religions which in some
way contradict it. Thus we prefer to talk of all paths of spirituality as
personal myths, including classical paths such as the path of mystical
Christianity, the path of literal Christianity, the path of mystical
Buddhism, the path of literal Buddhism and so forth.

Realize that the essence of myth is to move the seeking entity, by its
own faith and its desire to know the truth, over a kind of rainbow
bridge, a magical, covenantal span that links time and eternity; that
which is known and that which is a mystery. Those who dwell in that
which is known have a deadness inside them, though they live and
their hearts beat. Those who dwell from time to time in eternity have
a livingness that only crossing that span into eternity may offer.

Living The Law of One – The Choice


One thought on “Living The Law of One – The Choice

  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    I agree that this idea of linking time and eternity is a concept we should be able to grasp. I think more and more people are heading in that direction.


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