On Fear And Your Release From It

I have been feeling led to write this for several days and after seeing many dealing with it I felt compelled to sit down and do this now…

Fear is a Choice

What must be KNOWN is that ALL fear is attached to ego, just as all of its children are. Hate, anger, selfishness, greed, anxiety, depression, and all of the other negative emotions. They only exist in the false self of the ego and one must face these things and deal with them in order to be rid of them.

Fear is different for everyone. For some it is fear of loss, whether it be of material possessions or of a loved one or of a relationship. What One must realize is that it is those things that are feared that lessons are created from as well. If One dwells upon what is feared, eventually a lesson will be created to force you to face it. The problem is that many keep running from their fears and so they build themselves up into much larger problems.

Fear is in your head

There is no easy way out of this. One must come to the realization of One’s Immortality as an Eternal Being in order to be free of fear. That Which YOU Are is unafraid because It KNOWS that it is Eternal and Knows that no “harm” can come to it. The ego is attached to the physical, and it is truly only a figment of Our Own mind. The Soul, does not get angry, fearful, or offended because it KNOWS that all of these earthly experiences are VERY temporal and are necessary in order to help US become free of the bondage We have placed upon Ourselves.

If You fear the loss of something the only way to be free of that fear is to come to a place of detachment. This does not mean that You do not care, it simply means that You come to a place of acceptance of what IS to Be. Control is an illusion. We do not control anything. We are here to evolve Spiritually and as such there are lessons We must learn to help us realize Who and What We are. Until We get this, the lessons will continue.

Fear is a prison

Perhaps the biggest fear of all for most is the fear of death, which is why so many “cling” to “life” no matter how difficult it may be for them. This is why so many are taking medications to try to prolong their physical life, because they fear what awaits them. If they only KNEW that there is nothing to fear, they would be free.

What I say to You now is not to be boastful, but to share My Own experience with You. I have died and returned three times in My Life. Once as a child, once at the age of 33 and then voluntarily two years ago as part of My Rebirthing process. I can tell You that there is nothing to fear. It is a transition, and while for some of Us it results in a renewal and a return to this current vessel and this “world” in which we find Ourselves in, for others it is a transition to another.

The only way to be rid of it is to meditate and ask Yourself what it is that you fear and face those fears. Allow Your True Self to rise in You and BE You – You really have no other choice. It IS Who You are. You are not the body you inhabit and You are not that which You see in the Mirror but that Which is SEEING what is in the mirror. You are not the thinker but the Thought Itself.

You have ALWAYS Been and will Always BE. Everything that happens has a purpose. Even those things that you may wish to label as “bad” have a lesson to teach, even if you cannot see it at the moment. Sometimes it takes awhile to understand the lesson.

We are to be in this world but NOT of it. This is what will bring You Peace and Freedom. To realize that all of this is transitory. We live these lives in order to complete Our Spiritual Evolution and IF You are present in this particular time, understand that You have a great opportunity to evolve into a Being that has never yet existed here. One that integrates the Higher Spiritual Aspects within THIS physical vessel. This is what is being called the “Ascension” process. Releasing fear is part of the process and You will block further Spiritual Evolution by trying to run from it.

ego and fear

Stay in The Eternal Moment that IS NOW. Thinking of the past and being anxious of the future is of ego and brings depression and anxiety.

Come to the realization of Who and What You are and free Yourself of fear once and for all. You ARE an Immortal and Eternal Being here to complete Your Spiritual Evolution. There IS nothing to fear, no, not even fear itself. You are Love and there is no fear in Perfect Love.

Love Your Self and Love Each Other

What would you do if you were not afraid


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