StormWolf - Medicine Woman

For Those with Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

I would like to take a moment to thank Everyone Who has been a part of My Path in My Lifetime of existence here. I could not possibly name Each One of You by Name but KNOW that regardless of whether You would think that I perceive Our interaction or relationship as positive or negative, please know that I do not attach that label to ANY.

I have come to understand that ALL interactions and experience contribute to Our Spiritual Growth and Evolution and even those that others would view as having persecuted, robbed, or betrayed Me have had an equal impact upon My Path as those Who have supported and encouraged Me.

Twin Flames

It is ONLY by being able to face the darkness within Ourselves and integrating it that We can become the Whole and Powerful Beings that We are intended to Be. We are ALL in a process of becoming.

I see many who make judgments and condemnations on those Who came before Us, many of Whom were perceived to be Gods Themselves, Who also were like Us, in a process of evolving. Yes, even Those of the Higher Dimensions Who choose to come back here to teach ALSO are here to learn as much as to teach .

NONE are ever TRULY perfect, for perfection would mean that We no longer need the experiences that being  within a physical vessel provide and hence We would exist ONLY in Our Original Form as Pure Energetic Beings.

Physical Ascension

We are, at this time, in a position in the Galactic Environment that produces profound and acute Evolutionary Changes, a place which We enter approximately every 13,000 years. The last time We were in this place was when those civilizations known as Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis existed.

Those Who survived the calamities that occurred at that time spread out among the oldest civilizations that humans have been able to discover, and others went on to other dimensions.

The ruins of the oldest civilizations will never be found because they have become a part of the recycling and renewing process of Earth and have been rotated deep below the Ocean’s floor or they are covered by thousands of years of coral communities.

The History of this Planet is far older than current Science or Archaeology can comprehend and in fact goes back for millions of years. The reason that no one can find a common ancestral link that would link a “primate” to what is termed as modern man is because there is none.

Every 13,000 years there is a an Evolutionary Leap that takes place within Our DNA. And in this One We are taking a leap that for the current species has not been seen before, it is the reunification of what many call the “Twin Flames”, the Masculine and Feminine Aspects of Our True Selves that were once separated in order to experience the difference in the gender polarities. “In Our Own Image We created Them, Male and Female” – This refers to the Spiritual Aspects, not the physical.

As part of this Evolutionary process You will experience what some call the “Kundalini Awakening”, others call it the resurrection or rebirth, but when this happens You will experience the reunification Of Your Twin Flames as part of this process. This will also bring about the reunification of the right and left hemispheres of your brain which will bring You balance and understanding of BOTH gender aspects and bring You “the Peace that surpasses All Understanding.”

As You continue through this process, through a series of DNA activations and upgrades You will become healthier and more vibrant. You will slow down and in some cases even reverse the aging process which is why The Teacher said, “There are some here Who will not taste of death.”


Contrary to the opinion of some, this will not happen for everyone in this time because they are NOT at that place in Their Spiritual Evolution for it to occur – For some, They will have to await the next cycle. But for Those of You Who ARE experiencing what I AM describing, it is the most exciting time of Your entire Spiritual Evolution, this IS the culmination of lifetimes of lessons and experiences. This IS The Quickening, and You will become a New Creation that has never before walked The Earth in this form.

There is NO Death, ONLY a change in dimension, a change in Worlds. There is nothing to fear. The ego fears because the only death is death of the ego, which results in the rising of the Conscious Self which is connected to ALL THINGS and IS Eternal Consciousness. That Which many have been waiting for thousands of years IS Already here. That Which has been called “The Comforter”, “Holy Spirit”, “Christ Consciousness”, “Krishna Consciousness”, IS waiting for You to decide whether You will listen to The One Who KNOWS or to the false self that “thinks” it knows…

This is where Your Free Will comes in, it is in making the decision to believe what you have been led to believe by the physical world and the presentations of the ego self or whether You will allow Consciousness to guide You to what IS Truly REAL.

Spiritual Awakening

I Honor Your Being – I AM Honored to Know You and I AM ecstatic to Be here with You at this moment in Our History as We Are becoming WHO and WHAT We were originally intended to Be. Through this integration process We are bringing “Heaven to Earth” in that which is called the “Ascension” – Which is the process of integrating Our Higher Selves within this physical vessel. Some may choose to stay, Others may choose to move on elsewhere, but whatever the decision ALL are on the Path that is Theirs and Theirs alone.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in – I AM Another Your Self

Mitakuye Oyasin – ALL My Relations


StormWolf - Medicine Woman


8 thoughts on “For Those with Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

  1. Morrigan

    Beautifully written, informative and enlightening. Happy to have found my way to your blog looking forward to reading more. Peace and Love Dear One. Blessed Be

  2. destinydelish

    Spot on, brother. It is my understanding, though, that parts of Atlantis, Lemuria, and other ancient civilizations will rise with the earth changes, and thus reveal some of their technological secrets to advance our capabilities with communication and transportation. Pyramid shapes are already being found in the most unlikely places, like in the sea or underneath what were previously thought to be mountains. Perhaps, too, it will be our dimensional vibration shifting enough to where we are able to observe such findings. Either way, I’m thrilled at the prospect.

    Also, I’ve been enjoying the other benefit of increased health and a slowing down of the aging process. Many years ago, what started with a weird and sudden spike in body temperature with a dangerously high fever morphed into several years worth of hot flashes (no, not those kind). An intuitive medical empath looked into my body and told me I was shedding off layers and moving into a more crystalline form…. Since then, I’ve seldom, if ever, gotten sick. When the fevers stopped, I found I could no longer tolerate eating animal products and, when not interfered with by work, my energy level has gone through the roof.

    I’ve read many pages worth of ascension symptoms, and my experience seems to be in line with that information. The body is meant to last several hundred years, but we have been caught up in the beliefs of the old paradigm. Though perhaps in this cycle of our evolution, for those of us who will choose to ascend WITH our bodies, they will last approximately 150 years. Generations to come will increase their life span as they integrate more of the light body. Then when we reach 5D, we will be able to choose how our body will look or what form it will take.

    All very fascinating stuff! Thank you for your post.

    Peace, Love, and In Lak’ech

    1. Storm Wolf Post author

      Yes Sister – That is correct… I have experienced similar to what You describe except that I have crossed over and returned three times in this body… I do not get sick and I do not age anymore…

      We are integrating as well as upgrading and activating DNA – This is ONE of those evolutionary leaps that Science has not been able to explain… But some of them are beginning to take notice… We will BE here as long as WE choose to Be – I have experienced moving back and forth into 5d but have not been able to stay long term as of yet – but AM looking forward to it as the consciousness there is total Peace and Love…



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