Easter Message 2014

On this day, millions around The World will gather together and say that they are awaiting My Return and yet in Truth I have NEVER Left. I have ALWAYS been and ALWAYS will BE. The One known to You as Jesus attempted to get this through to You when He said, “Before Abraham was I AM” – The religious leaders of His day did not understand and nor do you understand today that He was referring to The Consciousness within Him that spoke through Him just as This Consciousness is speaking through The One writing the words You are reading at this moment.

Christ Consciousness

I Have risen within many and spoken through them and invariably you persecute, incarcerate, or kill them because what they have to say is in opposition to what YOU believe that I would say. You are doing exactly what I warned against, you look for one who will appease your “itching ears” because you do not want to face The Truth that YOU are responsible for Your OWN “Salvation”.

When The One known to You as Jesus said that One must be “Born Again” of The Spirit the religious leaders could not understand it, and again they still do NOT. Your religious leaders have attempted to make it something that is easy and requiring only a simple prayer or the hand of some “wolf in sheep’s clothing” hireling, pastor who is in it for the money and the self glory.

Being “Born Again” IS a real process and it IS evidenced by a dramatic change in the Being that undergoes it. These changes are beyond Spiritual only, they are physical and mental as well, and there are relatively few Who have actually been through it. Of the millions Who claim it, only a relative handful Truly have and those Who have eyes to see and ears to hear can easily identify these Who have.

Ascended Masters

Even after thousands of years and multiple messengers on every continent telling you virtually the same thing, you still do NOT get it. You seek another because The Truth is too hard for You to swallow. It is far easier for You to “tithe” Your 10% to your “church” than to do as described in your “Book of Acts” where it was said that those Who “believed” sold all they had and distributed among those who had not, so that ALL were truly equal and NONE said I have and YOU do not. Can You imagine your “Bill Gates” or “Warren Buffet” and others like them doing this? Much less the wealthy in your Own communities…

Those Who have been “reborn”, those Who have realized Consciousness and Oneness are ALL speaking the same messages of Love and Forgiveness that was spoken by their predecessors. They are being ridiculed and persecuted by the masses and attacked by “christians” for being “ungodly” – What IS Truly amazing is that it is they who claim godliness that are the most ungodly of all, the most unforgiving, the most judgmental, and the most unloving. Those Whom I have Awakened rarely attend your church services because they cannot stomach the lies, half-truths, and hypocrisy that is leading the masses astray.

Nothing to Prove

When You were told to seek the “kingdom” above all things it was not because I want or need YOUR worship, it was to try to convey to You how much it is worth to You to find it. And as ALL of the Messengers have tried to tell You all along, IT IS within You, yet You must shut down the egoic self, the “monkey mind” that seeks to convince You of its necessity. The ego is like a death row prisoner begging for its life because it knows that the rising of “Christ Consciousness” means death to the ego.

Will you continue to look for “your version” of Me or will You realize that I AM already here and have been here, waiting for YOU to develop the ability to comprehend ME. Waiting for You to stop looking for one Who agrees with YOUR perception instead of seeking The Experience that will show You The Truth Once and For All.

And YES, there IS One Truth. There are many paths that will bring You to it, but just as the branches of a tree lead from the rays of the Sun to the trunk, there are many paths that lead back to The One.

millennium tree

So let US attempt to convey this simple message once more…

LOVE Each Other, Do NOT judge One Another, You do NOT KNOW what another has been through, You do NOT know the reasons for their path and their circumstances, what they may be going through in order to be taught and evolve, nor do YOU remember your OWN flaws and missteps, and trust ME, all of you have been everything and done everything or YOU would NOT be here at this present time of Spiritual Evolution that is occurring.

Spiritual Evolution

FORGIVE Everyone and do not hold grudges. This does not mean to allow a negative polarity person to continue to abuse You, but it does mean to forgive them and move on. Holding onto the past and dwelling upon perceived wrongs will only make YOU sick and will hurt YOU, not them. Forgiveness is for the Forgiver, NOT the forgiven.

It is easy to hate, it takes strength to love. Many have said that the words of Jesus, when He said to turn the other cheek was a sign of weakness. It is NOT. It takes far more strength to restrain One’s Self than it does to react from ego. The strongest warrior is the most gentle, because the strongest warrior NEVER feels threatened. Fear is the destroyer, what One fears turns to hatred and hatred leads to destruction.



Do NOT Judge. Forgive Each Other. Love Each Other. It is okay if Your Brother or Sister walks a different path than You do, in fact, they must. Allow everyone to find their Own Way and do NOT judge them because they do not do it “your way” – There is no right or wrong way, there is only A WAY and The Way and ALL PATHS eventually lead back to The One. Some may be longer and some shorter but in the end ALL will remember Oneness.



2 thoughts on “Easter Message 2014

  1. hipmonkey

    I wish I could write this good. I worship Being in the ‘Temple built without hands’. The temple is located on both sides of my head. I experience the crucifixion at Golgotha (the place of the skull, located between my ears). I meditate to go within my head to commune with the Unknowable Unnamable invisible One Self. Great post.

  2. Storm Wolf Post author

    Thank You for Your kind words… I do not claim “talent”, I AM merely a “conduit” between Heaven and Earth – I AM Only a Messenger and I share what is given to Me – ANY perceived ability I have, whether it be writing, drawing, painting, singing, – ANYTHING and EVERYTHING comes from The Source, The Creator, The I AM, The ALL that IS All…


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