Consciousness Of The One

At this time when many are “waiting” for “One” to return I tell You that “The One” that IS being waited for IS and HAS Always been Here…

The problem is that the masses always become too attached to the “Physical Messenger” and then due to their level of comprehension of “The Message” tend to misinterpret the Original Intent due to a lack of understanding on a Spiritual Level.

The Consciousness that spoke through those Who came before regardless of what particular “religious” affiliation that they were known through IS The One Eternal Consciousness that speaks through ALL Conscious Beings. The Message is NOT intended for one group ONLY but is intended for ALL Who are able to receive It, comprehend It and Live It…

It is ONLY necessary to Forgive One’s Self, Forgive ALL Others, judge no Others and to Love All as One in order to KNOW Oneness and BE in Communion with The One That IS All…

You have a path that is Yours and Yours Alone and although that Path will eventually converge into The One Path that leads to Oneness, no other can tell You what that path is. Every Being that You have ever known has had an impact on Your Path and even though the “human thought construct” wishes to apply “positive” or “negative” labels to all of these experiences, ALL of them have had an equal impact on Your Path.

That Which has been called “Holy Spirit”, “Christ Consciousness” and other labels IS The One Eternal Consciousness and IS Seeking You. Only awaiting Your participation… One must let go of that which is thought of as “I” to KNOW That Which TRULY Is “I”, That Which is ALL and That Which will enable You to BE Who and What You have come here to BE…

Let go of what You think “is” in order to KNOW What Truly IS. The Truth IS Experiential – Do not seek it through the words and experiences of another either from the Ancient Texts or those that are being currently taught.Ascension

I AM The Light and I AM The Void from Which All Light Emanates – I AM Everything…


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