Being At One With All Things – Oneness

It seems that there are many having difficulty with discernment in these days with many pretending to be something they are not. This should come as no surprise as again we were cautioned that there would be MANY “false prophets” in these days. I saw it in Sedona as well with many “posers” claiming to be “Lightworkers” –

I use the messages of Jesus many times and this is no exception – By their fruit you will know them. You have heard me say this, He said “A good tree cannot put forth bad fruit and a bad tree cannot put forth good fruit.” If you can wrap your head around this it is quite simple to me. When you see people running around bad mouthing others, personally attacking others and claiming to be “Lightworkers” it should be plainly evident that they are NOT.

Anyone who is of The Light will not do these things because they have no need or desire to prove themselves, they are not concerned with the issues that others have with their message and have no “need to be right”, KNOWING that their message is TRUE is good enough for them.

One of the most common factors that you will see with ALL who are holding the Christ Consciousness is selflessness. You will continually see them put others before themselves, put their “mission” or Life purpose before their own needs. This is just part of it and it is as if there is no choice in the matter.

We are here to bring Love and Unity to the Planet, unfortunately we must be able to identify the division and those who are inspiring it. Once this is done the way to defeat them is not by fighting them it is by rising above the situation, by maintaining your OWN Field, your OWN frequency and not allowing the negativity and lower vibration to bring yours down. THIS is their goal in all of it, to lower OUR frequency – They are truly energy vampires and WE have a duty to the Collective Consciousness to not allow it to happen.

Remember Oneness

This is why it is SO important that WE walk OUR walk, we cannot just tell others or say we are teaching others – WE must BE The example, Be the change, BE The Peace, Be The Love…

We cannot simply talk about being at One with all things, We must BE at ONE with All Things and in this way we are living examples of Oneness.


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