Ascension and Awakening

The Truth About “Ascension”

For many years now there has been so much conversation about “ascension” and the “ascension process” – What I have to say about this may shock some, may anger some, but hopefully will enlighten others and stop you from being disappointed in something that is NOT going to happen.

For nearly two decades now there has been a consistently escalating conversation about the topic of “ascension” and how one can prepare for it. The majority of these speaking on the topic speak of it in the same tone as the christian “rapture” as an event that will take you into the heavenlies. Others tell that a benevolent ET race will come and take everyone away who is “prepared” to ascend. None of these are accurate representations of the actual process as it REALLY happens.


What is being called “ascension” is actually the rebirthing process. It is the act of being reborn in The Spirit and realizing Consciousness, realizing Oneness, being in communication with Source, God, Eternal Consciousness, Infinite Mind, The I AM, whatever label you wish to use to identify The ALL That Is. It is what some have called “The Kundalini Awakening”, there are many labels for it, but Trust Me, when You experience it You WILL KNOW IT!

When The One known as Jesus spoke about this He said that “One must be born again”, One must be born of The Spirit… Why is there so much confusion about this? Simple, because few have experienced this process. Many claim to have had The Experience but their very lives prove the contrary and prove that they are fakes. So what happens when One is experiencing “ascension”?

First, let us be sure of what it is not. Ascension is NOT about some event that takes place in which you will float up into the sky or leave your body… You may have experiences of leaving your body, but these will be temporary, these astral experiences are just part of the process.

Ascension is an individual experience and as such it comes to each individual as they are ready for the experience. No One knows when that may be. There are obviously things that you can do to help facilitate and encourage the process but it is only when You have learned the appropriate lessons that you are here to learn that this “rebirthing” process that leads to ascension occurs.

Integrating Higher Self

Ascension is the raising of One’s Consciousness which is the result of integrating The Higher Self within THIS physical vessel resulting in the lessening of the ego. In the Ascension Process the Higher Self takes control over the physical vessel which up until now has been navigated haphazardly by the ego with occasional intervention from The Higher Self to guide You in the right direction to keep you on Your Path. Even when You have thought You were way off, you were still learning…

There are different levels of the Ascension Process and different intensities. Some may take many years to come to the point at which they are consciously at the 5th dimensional level or higher and some may receive it instantaneously it seems, yet even those have paid the price and learned their lessons. Even if You have been with someone everyday of their life on this planet you still do not know what they have been through before and you do not know what they do during the time You are sleeping.

Some are Spiritually “Always On”, meaning that even when they are seeming to be asleep they are involved in some type of intervention or communication with Higher Consciousness. For many of these Beings it is simply the way that they are created and it occurs without any specific intention on their part. You may have heard people like this say that, “I do not have a choice.” This is what they mean, and regardless of what the masses believe about “free will”, there are those who chose prior to coming that it would be this way and so they do feel as if they have no choice.

So what is my advice to those who are seeking “ascension” ? Do not buy into the false teachings that are being spread around. Seek the confirmation within that what I have shared with You is The Truth. Do You see Me charging for the information, do You see Me asking for money to “activate DNA”, to activate chakras, etc? NO, and You will not. That which is of The Spirit in my opinion is NOT to be degraded into the world of men and the system of control and money.

Here and Now


You will become Conscious and experience Ascension when it is YOUR time to do so. What You can do to prepare yourself is to stay in the NOW and learn everything that you are meant to learn. Learn from Your past and then LEAVE IT THERE. Do NOT keep dwelling upon it or it will consume You. Do not be anxious over the future. It will BE what it will BE. All that is Your concern is this moment, the very words you are reading right now, letter by letter, the heart beat you feel in your chest, each breath…

THIS is what matters most, that You live each moment as it exists. When You have reached ascension this will no longer be an effort, it will be completely natural. Just as it will be completely natural to love and forgive EVERYONE no matter what the perceived wrong maybe according to Your ego. To ascend means that you rise above 3d and 4d thinking and consciousness and that You are rising in Consciousness with The Planet and with The Others here Who are holding a Higher Consciousness – Inner Peace will no longer take effort, you will be in a state of near 24-7 meditation and bliss.

THIS is what ascension means. It is the integration of Your Higher Self within, the reintegration of Your Twin Flame, the reunification of the right and left hemispheres of your brain, Your organs and your life processes will be renewed as you are being prepared for what You are becoming, a newly evolved species of human being. You are being prepared for immortality which is how We were originally created, “in the image and likeness of God”.

BE Still and KNOW – That Which You are Seeking IS Seeking YOU

What You Seek IS Seeking You

Love Each Other,

Storm –


13 thoughts on “The Truth About “Ascension”

  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    Good points. I like to use the word “effortlessness” to ease my mind when I start worrying about “spiritual progress:. Truth is effortless. It comes to be when it comes to be. For most of us, that is through bits and pieces of our lives joining with the universe, rather than a sudden BANG of light.

    1. Storm Wolf Post author

      Thank you for your interaction = Your comment is insightful… Effort is of the go in the attempt to force the timing… In My Own opinion it is the same with those Who wish to force an experience with artificial means as opposed to letting it take its course. You are most correct, Truth IS effortless and it IS simple –

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  4. clouisosburn

    Ascension is as simple as making the decision and intent to live in a state of total forgiving and acceptance of all. Ascension is a journey with many steps and you can start that journey any time you wish.


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  6. soulwindrider

    When you have a connecting moment in meditation, do not try to have that same connection again. You will never have the same one for now you are different by means of your experience . Only be open to what is the next YOU to come.


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