On Hypocrisy: Do Not Cause Anyone To Stumble

One of my biggest issues with organized religion and with many “teachers” and “gurus” is that they do NOT “practice what they preach”. For Me this is not optional, One either lives by One’s principles or dies by them. There is no in between, there is no compromise…

Live By The Sword

“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.” Mark 9:42

This is the cause of many turning away from attending any kind of organized services, seeing those who profess to be “christian” or “spiritual” that live with very little morals or ethics themselves. It is these very ones who are being referred to in the biblical reference above. Those who cause the “new believers” to stumble…

The image states another strong quotation, “He Who lives by the sword dies by the sword” – Take away the “S” and the same is true – He who lives by His words will die by his words.” This is how We are designed to be, to have integrity in what We say and in how We live.

Anyone who has read any of My writing or heard Me speak knows that I believe that One must have a personal experience in order to truly know and understand things of the Spirit. There is a matter of faith, a matter of belief, and then there is KNOWING. Knowing transcends faith and belief and comes from actual experience, this cannot be taught, nor can it be faked.

The problem with the vast majority of the organized religions in My experience is that they “believe” that they have something that they do NOT. Many of them “believe” that they have been “born again” and “filled with the Holy Spirit”, but they have NOT. If they had, then their behavior would indicate it. It is very easy to discern those who live according to the ego (flesh) and those Who live by The Spirit.

I AM Everything


Those who live by the ego/flesh will make excuses about why it is acceptable for them not to follow the very principles that they expect everyone else to follow, the principles that they judge others for not following. Those Who live by the Spirit KNOW that all have their Own path and their Own way and do not allow the actions of others cause them to compromise their principles. I know that for Me, I would rather die than be labeled a hypocrite.

I have been through many events in which those Who know Me and love Me asked, “How can You not seek revenge, how can You forgive?” – They do not understand that for Me, it just isn’t even optional. It is because it is not the ego that governs My life, for whatever reason I have been this way since I can remember. I was born being forgiving and not holding grudges, yet the intensity of forgiveness and inner peace has increased dramatically over the last few years – especially after My Own rebirthing process in which My Mind and Body were changed in an instant.

Twin Flames

Again, this is why I say that the deeper things of the Spirit, many of the teachings of Jesus, The Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, Crazy Horse, and too many other Spiritual teachers to name, are EXPERIENTIAL. One can debate theory and perceptions based upon their level of understanding but The Experience changes EVERYTHING. At that moment it is no longer faith or belief, there is no longer a question of IF.

The questions now are how, why, how much more? Because the deeper You go down the Spiritual rabbit hole, the more you learn that there is no bottom and the more questions you have. The more You KNOW, the more You realize how much you do NOT Know. Oneness brings many answers but it brings even more questions.

Walk The Talk

Love Each Other – AND Walk Your Walk – Live What You Speak or Be Silent…




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