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Why Most Have Evolution All Wrong

How do like them apples? I have said before that in order to KNOW The Truth One must be brave enough to accept that ALL You have been taught, all you know MAY be a lie. This is a hard thing to do for most people but it is the very beginning of the path to “enlightenment” which leads to ALL WISDOM. Perhaps this is why Solomon wrote that We should seek Wisdom at the cost of EVERYTHING.

The debates rage on between Creationists and Darwinists but what is ironic about it all is that neither of them are really correct. They both have pieces of the puzzle right, but they are trying to shove other pieces in where they don’t belong. Stick with Me and I will explain.

Those who believe in fundamental Creationism believe that the Earth is only 6000 or so years old. Not only is this a ridiculous statement because of the fact that Science has disproved it over and over, it is also one of the reasons why so many young people are leaving churches. They cannot believe the fairy tale that is being presented to them. IF they were told The Truth, along with the great stories and morals found in the ancient texts it would be different.

Those who subscribe to Darwin’s “Theory” of Evolution forget that it is ONLY a theory. Those proponents who zealously defend Darwin also do not have it all figured out. Darwin was only partially right. Evolution is a fact, but physical evolution is INTRASPECIES. This means that monkeys do not become humans no matter how many millions of years they have been monkeys. The reason why the embryos of many creatures look similar is because when you get down to a cellular level there are many similarities because the basic building blocks are of the same substances.

Now here is where it all comes together… Darwin proposed that everything evolved from single cell creatures and eventually became more advanced creatures. He was on the right track, but let Me tell you how he was wrong. He was wrong because it isn’t the physical creature that evolves and becomes something else, it is The Spirit of the Creature…

We ALL begin at the bottom of the food chain Spiritually, which means that WHO We are has been everything over billions of years. I KNOW this is a hard concept to grasp but bear with Me. It is the only way that this could be done to be fair to all creatures. If you want to go to the top of the food chain you have to start at the bottom. Even though most of us cannot remember these lifetimes explicitly, some who have had hypnotic past life regression therapy can tell you that this is true, they may not remember being a worm but they will recall other life forms as well as different genders.

Spiritual Evolution

We are talking about Spiritual Evolution. Humans, Homo Sapiens, whatever you wish to call yourselves have the opportunity to leave their animal nature behind and become Conscious of ALL, to remember Oneness, to remember “being made in the image and likeness” of the Creator, male and female, masculine and feminine. This is where Twin Flames come in, Your Twin Flame isn’t in another being, it is your etheric counterpart, your opposite in gender in the Spirit that balances You.

So you see, each side has a piece of the puzzle. Each physical creature is created to BE what it is. Evolutionary changes occur within species but monkeys don’t become humans anymore than a cat becomes a dog. Each creature has its own genetic blueprint, its own DNA. You want to know WHY there is so much DNA that scientists cannot identify the purpose of in the human genome. Because YOU have the DNA of EVERYTHING within You. Some of it is being activated even now, because humans ARE evolving, it happens in a relatively short period of time and on a regular schedule as we come into the area of Space we are in. See my post on DNA Activation and Spontaneous Evolution

Those Who have experienced this “awakening” whether they call it the “kundalini awakening”, becoming Conscious, Christ Consciousness or whatever descriptive KNOW what I AM explaining here. It is when One comes back from The Void and there is quiet in the mind, and the Voice inside says “I AM Everything!” – Then the Voice tells you “Be Still and KNOW”. It is a LONG journey from the bottom to the top, and in this incarnation You have the opportunity to put off the animal nature of the ego and transform into a complete Spiritual Being as part of the process of not only Spiritual Evolution but of Human Evolution.

The Only question now is will YOU participate or will You allow your ego to convince You of its necessity so that you keep appeasing it instead of  allowing Your TRUE SELF to run the show and help You to become Who You are here to BE. See Ego vs Spirit

Two Wolves

Rise Up and Love Each Other,



4 thoughts on “Why Most Have Evolution All Wrong

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  2. wes

    good and evil? that’s funny. I thought those were all ideas of the ego. There is no good and bad. thats duality. I like to think of them as polarity. they are both connected. Like night and day, front and back, inside and outside, female and male. one is not better than another it just is. And if you evolve in development then you aren’t better. Its like saying well crawling is bad because waling is better. that’s ludicrous. All are essential at one point or another

    1. Storm Wolf Post author

      You missed the entire point of the article… It was addressed to those who are constantly attacking.
      IF you have followed my work at all you would have seen that. I post things for people at different levels
      of consciousness – And the whole “duality” argument is New Age nonsense as well… Everything in the Universe
      displays duality – there would be NOTHING without it…


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