The Red Road

Walking The Red Road

Walking the Red Road is a way of living, it is not just something one says, it is something one does. It is taking the high road always, whether anyone is watching or not. Walking the Red Road is having integrity and seeking the greater good always. To walk the Red Road is to be humble and to know that you are not above any other creature. Humans have no more right to be here than any beast that walks on four legs or crawls on the ground, you are part of the web of life just as they are.

There are many who say that they are “spiritual” and yet these same people lose their tempers, they lash out in anger, they strike others and claim that they have become “enlightened”. One who has truly come in contact with The Creator will be changed forever and will be unable to behave in such a manner. To walk the Red Road is to be in communion with The Creator.

Those who walk the Red Road are not arrogant, they know that all of nature knows more than they do. The mountains, the trees, the streams, rivers and oceans all know more than you do, they have seen more than you have seen. Everything that exists can teach you something IF you can quiet the “monkey” in your head long enough to hear.


To walk the Red Road is to know suffering and pain, it is to put KNOWING The Creator and experiencing Oneness with All Things above ALL THINGS.

These sayings are meant to teach that nothing is more important than the knowledge of Spirit. Too many people act like they are humans who sometimes have a spiritual experience when the fact is that YOU are a Spiritual Being having a human experience. You ARE The Creator expressing Himself through You and seeing Creation through Your Eyes just as with all of Creation. You are here to evolve Spiritually and to become Who You came here to Be, you will not find this in money, sex, alcohol or drugs. You will ONLY find it within.

To walk the Red Road is to live simply, to live without wasting resources and to make the most of what you have. The world today is full of excess, landfills are overflowing with the things that people have thrown away because they tire of them, or just want the newest shiny thing. Everything that We ever needed was here before we were, some of those things are no longer here because humans have destroyed them trying to make themselves more comfortable or simply for money.

Walking the Red Road leaves a small footprint. The greatest thing that One could do is live a life that people remember but yet there is no physical evidence that you were ever here. Why? Because it means that you lived in harmony with Nature, that you did not feel a need to change it or improve upon what was already perfect just the way it was. To walk the Red Road is to live life and leave this world better than you found it, to try to help repair some of the damage humanity has done to Mother Earth.

Walking the Red Road is being an example to others, it is not just talking the talk but walking the walk. Words without deeds mean nothing. If One IS “Enlightened” or “Conscious” they will not have to go around telling anyone that they are. Others will see The Light that emanates from them and KNOW that they are “Walking the Red Road”.

Love Each Other and BE The Change You want to SEE in Your World,



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