Understanding The Law of Attraction

Many of us have been taught all of our lives that opposites attract and this is just NOT the truth in Nature, Birds of a feather flock together. The only time opposites attract is to feed on each other! This is what tends to happen in relationships when we are with someone is opposite to us vibrationally – we feed off of each other instead of benefiting each other and it is short lived.

One of the most discussed and debated issues in the Spiritual and Self Help communities is probably The Law of Attraction. Perhaps one of the main reasons for the ongoing debate is the fact that so many misunderstand the concept. The majority of people I speak to mistakenly believe that TLOA is only positive, that it is all about abundance, wealth, good health and so on. While these are obviously worthy and desirable effects of TLOA we need to be aware of all aspects so that we can create the results we wish to see while going through what we NEED.

Herein lies the difference in what some teach and what the TRUTH is. What we need and what we want are sometimes not in alignment with each other or perhaps not at a vibrational match at all times. Every rung of the ladder in our Spiritual Growth comes as we are ready for it. There are lessons that all of us are here to learn and some of us have deliberately set up harder lessons and more to learn and KNOW than others in this particular incarnation. IF you feel like you’ve had a hard and long road, take it up with YOUR Self! LOL 😉

For example, IF we are continually going through relationship issues, we need to look at the fact that there are lessons we still need to learn. If you have constant discord with your significant other look deeper below the surface and see what it is that you need to learn from the situation. Most often, the other is mirroring something we need to see in ourselves. Many people run from relationship to relationship thinking that the problem is the other person only to find the same problem facing them behind a different mask in another person. No matter where you go, there YOU are!

The Universe doesn’t care whether you are focusing on positive or negative, it will give you whatever it is that you are attracting from a vibrational standpoint. Everything in the Universe has a frequency of vibration just as everything has a lifeforce that emits a certain amount of light. It is this vibrational match that aligns and brings you what you are matched with.

If you are in a state of depression then you will continue to attract people and circumstances that will perpetrate that state of being. If you are in a state of Peace and Happiness then you will attract like into your life. Realize that these manifestations are not immediate, they can be at times, but in most cases there will be a time of creation between your changing your vibration and the corresponding response from Source.

From a Spiritual Growth and Evolution standpoint one must also learn patience and acceptance while learning to live in the Law of Attraction. We must recognize as I mentioned in the first paragraph, the difference between want and need. Sometimes we must go through what we NEED first in order to get what we want. For example, if we are wanting more money, we may first have to go through lessons of how to appreciate it which may include losing money and possessions before we are given more. To whom much is given much is required…

Take time to look deeper within yourself to truly understand what you are attracting and why. Look around you and consider what your recent experiences have been and consider them without emotional attachment. Di you learn from them? Even if they were painful, were they beneficial in the grander scheme of things? Sometimes what we see in the present as a negative experience proves to be exactly what we needed to prepare us for what is coming. We may be in a dead end job that we hate and have been keeping just for the security and then for some reason we lose the job… At first it seems to be a really bad thing but it has opened the door for something better and when it happens we realize we would have never moved forward had the other door not been shut first.

Our lives are a series of doors opening and closing, windows of opportunities and people who move in and out of our lives. When we understand that everything that happens in this reality is a mirror of what is happening Spiritually then we take things a little less seriously and we can laugh more at events that previously made us cry.

ALL is WELL… Remember that we are ALWAYS getting what we need ALL the time whether we KNOW it or not. You couldn’t go far off your path even if you wanted to… LOL 😉 Our Spiritual Progression is nonstop and all are teachers and all are students SO Love each other!!!




6 thoughts on “Understanding The Law of Attraction

  1. Divine Channel

    So true! The universe delivers what you focus on, whether consciously or unconsciously. You have the power to obtain whatever it is you desire, so if you are receiving negativity instead of grace, it is because that’s what you are calling forth. Which means, there is an aspect of you that actually wants the negativity, whether it is consciously known to you or not. It is a very important lesson in growth.

    Thank you for posting this! It is a gift to read.

  2. bazrocker

    Thank you,SW.put it succinctly there.I can understand this fully and with this understanding of the ‘laws’ I can be fully aware of what vibration; freq I put out is what comes around.Its all energy anyways and I feel good for being who I truly am at this particular moment.


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