Spontaneous Evolution

DNA Activation and Spontaneous Evolution

We have been teaching for thousands of years that One can change their world around them with changing consciousness. One can experience perfect health, reversal and slow down of aging and more just by changing Consciousness, by how One thinks and reacts to their environment. Now, we are seeing Science speaking of the discovery that our DNA and our genes respond to external catalysts and can cause spontaneous evolution, something that many of us have experienced already as FACT.

For my more scientific minded readers I would like to introduce you to Dr. Bruce Lipton and his cutting edge work which helps to explain in scientific terms the Spiritual and Esoteric experiences that many of us have had and are having that are resulting in major advances in human evolution. I ask you to watch and listen with open minds so that you can receive this and learn from it.

He also speaks of how those of us who have already begun this process are helping to change the Collective Consciousness of the entire planet as we raise our individual vibrations we affect the whole.

Love each other,



2 thoughts on “DNA Activation and Spontaneous Evolution

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