Red Letters

An introduction to The Red Letters

There has perhaps been no other who has been misquoted and misinterpreted more than The One known to the world as Jesus the Christ. His words have been used to create denominations of hate, separatism and exclusion that have been responsible for the mass genocide of tens of millions on numerous continents, including the Indigenous of The Americas.

This is why Native Americans have such a difficult time hearing anything that anyone wishes to teach from the bible, the wounds are still bleeding. Others have experienced persecution and judgment from those who call themselves “Christian” that have caused them to keep a safe distance from modern day churches and those who attend them as well.

What I seek to do through this “Red Letter” series is to try and show what the TRUE intent of the words was and IS instead of the misinterpretations that have been used to create fear and division. I KNOW there will be many who will disagree with my words because they are brainwashed and hold onto their doctrine with a strangle hold, but that mindset dooms them to never KNOWING The Truth and the freedom that is promised by IT.

As we begin to go through the words of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels it is good to remember that Jesus Himself said on many occasions that the words He spoke were ONLY for those with ears to hear and eyes to see what He was trying to show. In the same way, what I AM attempting ti share comes with the same caveat. I KNOW that there are those who will never gain a comprehension or understanding of what I AM attempting to convey in this lifetime because their hearts have become hardened and they are closed to anything outside of their limited understanding and belief system.

All of My Life I have been a seeker of Wisdom, Truth, Knowledge and Understanding, no matter where I found it. I took the admonition of Solomon seriously when he said to “Seek wisdom at the cost of EVERYTHING.” Paul repeated this in a way when he wrote to Timothy to “Study to show yourself approved.”

Many modern day preachers and evangelists have attempted to interpret this to mean only the bible, yet the bible wasn’t yet written when these words were written by Paul from prison… It is my belief that this is the reason why the early church burned and destroyed many of the great libraries of the world, such as Alexandria and others even in The Americas. They wanted to limit the information being shared with the masses, they did not want the masses to have the knowledge that brings TRUE CONSCIOUSNESS, the remembrance of Oneness that comes with it, being at One with God and all of the Universe.

It is this level of Consciousness that will transform the world, it is this Consciousness that Jesus referred to as the “Kingdom of God”, “Kingdom of Heaven”, and “Paradise” and the same that The Buddha and others called “Nirvana” and “Nibbana”. There have been many of Us who have come over thousands of years to try to demonstrate by Our Walk the way of this Consciousness and all have been misunderstood, persecuted, judged, and sometimes killed for bringing a message of Peace, Love and nonjudgment.

It should be obvious that the darkness in the world feels very threatened by us, why else would they pull out all stops to prevent us from spreading this message while at the same time encouraging messages of fear, hate and destruction every night on your “news” channels?

I hope that you find this serious enlightening and helpful. I will interact and discuss with anyone who wished to have a meaningful and insightful dialogue but KNOW that any hateful and narrow minded comments that suppose that ONLY those who believe in ONE religious method to attain “salvation” or eternal life will not see the light of day here. Perhaps some will thank me later for not allowing them to embarrass themselves with such rhetoric.

This series will show that The Creator, The Source, The Great Spirit, the Living God, whatever one wished to know The I AM as, IS timeless and above the limitations of the box that many would attempt to place him in. (The use of the masculine is for simplicity sake, as The Source of all is both masculine and feminine and neither all at the same time.) I hope that you all will join in and interact with me as we go through and try to dispel some of the wrong teachings and perhaps bring some of the more obscure and misunderstood teachings to light.

The Truth WILL set you free, but only IF you experience it for Your Self.

Love each other,



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