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What Is Truth?

The title of this post may seem at first glance to have a simple answer but if so why do so many disagree on what truth IS?

Truth is Truth

I have found that one of the main reasons that there is so much disagreement on truth is that the word is misused, especially by the so called “New Age” movement. There are many going around saying this is my truth and that is your truth or his truth and her truth. No wonder so many are confused with all of the various doctrines and teachings espoused as “The Truth”. I hope to share with you my definition of what TRUTH is and why the ONLY way to KNOW Truth is by experience. This is why in one of my most common answers to people asking me what the Truth is I tell them that “Truth IS experiential”.

Here is the definition as given by the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

the truth : the real facts about something : the things that are true

: the quality or state of being true

: a statement or idea that is true or accepted as true

As you can see by the example above, even the dictionary doesn’t really have a clear definition on what truth is, how do you KNOW the “real facts”? What is the state of being true? Who decides if a statement or idea is true or not?


You see, the problem is that most people when they are stating that this or that is “their truth” what they really mean is that it is their PERCEPTION… Therein lies the difference. In reality there is only ONE TRUTH, there can be many falsehoods, there can be many nuances that are similar to The Truth, but there is only One Truth and to KNOW it one must experience it for One’s Self.

For example, there are many who call themselves teachers or gurus or masters who will tell you that if you do this or that and follow their way to enlightenment that you will succeed in attaining the higher consciousness you are seeking and yet in Truth this is not something they have the power to guarantee you.

Everyone has their own path that they must find themselves and the timing of their Awakening is something ONLY known to Source, to The Creator, The Living God, The Infinite Intelligence that IS all. And yet there are some who will tell you that there way is the ONLY way. How do they know if they did not come by enlightenment in another way?

The ONLY way to KNOW the Truth of a matter is to experience it for One’s Self, anything else is reliance on the opinion or experience of another who walked that path before you. Many prefer to take the path of another simply because it is KNOWN, it has been proven by another and therefor they deem it to be “safe”.

The fact of the matter is that following the path of another is no guarantee of success, nor is it a guarantee of safety. The Universe has lessons planned for each individual to groom them and discipline them for the purpose that they have been created for, for what you are here to do. One who is here to live in a monastery has a different path of learning that one who is born to teach the masses or lead a country to revolution.

Every Soul has its OWN unique path and its own unique life lessons. The key to becoming enlightened or Conscious is in getting the ego out of the way and learning acceptance, patience and tolerance.

One must learn to accept their current situation no matter what it may be before moving on to what is next for them. This doesn’t mean that if you are living in the street you should do nothing to help raise yourself up, it simply means to be in a place of acceptance that it IS where you are at the moment and to accept that fact and make the best of it, there is ALWAYS a reason for EVERY experience IF we look through the eyes of Spirit and not ego.

Another big lesson for most of us is patience. Until you learn the lesson of developing patience you will keep being put into situations that test your resolve and cause you to either develop patience or live in a state of perpetual anger or depression. You can keep blaming others and keep running away but behind the next closed door will be another wearing a different mask to teach you the lesson until you learn it.

Tolerance is another issue very close to patience. Even if one does not agree with another’s choices or way of living one shows where they are on their path of Spiritual Evolution by their tolerance of others if not by their love for them. One who has achieved Oneness or true Enlightenment does not judge others at all, much less for their skin color, their sexual preference or their religion. If you find yourself doing so then you better “check Your Self before you wreck Your Self!”

In the Christian bible it is written, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-33

The teaching referred to was about Love, forgiveness, nonjudgment… It was also said that One must be born again of The Spirit in order to see the kingdom of heaven which HE stated IS within… To be born of The Spirit IS to become Conscious, to become Enlightened, or as it is written in the bible, to receive The Holy Spirit.

The problem is that humans get caught up on semantics and who said what from what religion, this is why I say that The Truth IS experiential. When you DO experience this event, NO ONE will be able to tell you that you didn’t and you will need no other to instruct you because then YOU will have a direct connection to The Source of ALL TRUTH and you will KNOW it.

Instead of debating and arguing about whose way is the right way, those who have been there and KNOW love to hear the stories of another’s path to enlightenment and how they found their way. Imagine how different our world would be IF all could see in this way…

LOVE each other,



One thought on “What Is Truth?

  1. Rob Spiegel

    When Bob Dylan was nearly a child, he sang, “There are no truths outside the Gates of Eden.” He was surprisingly correct. People argue semantics because in the ego world there are no truths. Truth is with spirit and spirit is within. What we see before us is illusory, always changing, relative; it cannot possibly hold truth. Truth is eternal. The world is not eternal. Eternity is within us, and we can experience it if we choose. If we allow it. That’s where truth lives.


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