Be Still

Being and Doing

Most humans spend the majority of their lives running around frantically to earn a living, to acquire the next shiny new thing, to keep up with the Jones’s or even in this day and age just to keep their heads above water! Inflation has increased exponentially while wages have mostly stayed stagnant causing most families to rely on dual incomes just to get by. Is this busy-ness by design? Is there a force that is so opposed to a rise in Consciousness that it purposely has designed the “system” to keep the masses so busy just staying alive that they have no time to just BE?

The world in which we exist has changed dramatically just in the last 50 years or so. We have seen space travel, computers advance from the size of city blocks to the size of one’s hand, cell phones and more. What has all of this technology done for humanity? While it is true that we have advanced more rapidly than ever before, it is has also made us virtual prisoners of our own creations. One can hardly go anywhere these days without carrying a cell phone to stay in constant touch, constantly bombarded by electronic impulses. Families go out to dinner and you see all of them texting to others instead of speaking to each other.

So, what am I getting at?

Our culture has become so busy with work, with the internet, with entertainment, with gadgets, that we do not take the time to just stop and BE STILL. I have people ask me all the time how I am able to be so at peace, how did I learn to meditate, how can I be at peace even if everything around me is falling apart? My answer? BE STILL… If One wishes to hear that Voice that says, “Be still and KNOW that I AM God” one must FIRST Be STILL.

This is the paradox. Just as with most things people want the quick easy fix. They want to drive to a Spiritual Fast Food joint and order “Consciousness” to go. They want an easy way to get to a state that sometimes takes a lifetime to attain. Even though everyone has their own timeline for “Awakening”, their own catalysts and programming genetically, a prerequisite is stillness. One can never hope to see enlightenment while being constantly BUSY.

Perhaps this is why for some it takes the loss of everything they have before they turn to seek something greater than themselves. This is what Jesus tried to teach over 2000 years ago, and others before him tried to teach as well. One has to put seeking Truth and Wisdom over EVERYTHING else. Solomon said seek Wisdom at the cost of EVERYTHING. Jesus said that if you aren’t willing to give up everything you would never see the kingdom AND that the kingdom of heaven IS within. Why are so many STILL seeking it without?

The kingdom is an inner dimension, it is a higher state of consciousness. A New Heaven and a New Earth are being created already from a shift in Consciousness – The New Heaven being created by this shift in Consciousness is creating a New Earth, as above so below, “as it is on earth so shall it be in heaven”. But it cannot be done by DOING, it is done by BEING…

Many keep wondering why things keep going wrong, not realizing that they are creating their own resistance because they never slow down long enough to be in the divine flow. It is the ego and its insecurity that is keeping them in fear that spurs them on to overwork themselves and then when they have any extra time it wants to be appeased by mindless TV programming or other meaningless entertainment.

If you truly want to change your life, take some time to just BE. Plan on it this weekend. Get somewhere quiet with NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES and just BE STILL. Focus on quieting the voices in your head until you only hear the Voice that matters, you will KNOW when you hear it. Shut off the internal dialogue and just BE STILL. I promise you that you will never be the same.

Mitakuye Oyasin,




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