Becoming Conscious

On Waking Up

The numbers of those awakening to the fact that they ARE a Spiritual Being having a temporal experience and NOT vice versa are encouraging to me. For the majority of my life I have wondered if I were the only one who felt the way I did, feeling the I was dropped off on this 3rd rock from the Sun as some kind of cruel galactic hazing ritual… LOL

Everyday I am having more interactions with others who do really seem to get it, not many yet in the physical in my own area, but people I connect with online. I KNOW they are out there, I just haven’t bumped into them yet! So what happens when one “wakes up”?

The experiences are as varied as the people who are experiencing The Awakening… It all depends upon the intensity of the experience I suppose and whether you are experiencing a gradual or “chronic” awakening or sudden or “acute” experience. Everyone has their own blueprint or pre-programmed steps that they will go through. I have had people ask me, “How do I attain or how do I become conscious?” The mere fact that they are asking the question shows they are close, but still, everyone has their own timing when the actual Awakening will occur.

Some of us are born seeking, KNOWING that something is fundamentally WRONG with virtually everything that we are being taught from an early age. Others began to become uncomfortable with this physical world we are in due to external circumstances such as loss of relationships, material possessions, jobs and so on. That said, the “hard way” seems to be a common factor for many of us, but it seems that it creates the environment that leads to enlightenment.

Upon TRULY experiencing a change in consciousness, one in which you are no longer controlled by ego and a slave to the past, you will inevitably experience some discomfort in your relationships with others in your life if they are opposed to your enlightenment. This is normal, it’s like turning on a light in a cheap motel and watching the cockroaches run everywhere – Those who are in the dark HATE the light and when you awaken, the light within you will send those running away who are against it. Don’t be surprised if even those closest to you become bitter enemies. Jesus once said, “Your enemies will be of your own household.”

One of the driving thoughts that may occupy your NEWLY peaceful mind is “What is my purpose?” The fact is that whatever you are currently doing IS your purpose at the moment, to BE Conscious and to live that and show that Light to others is the purpose of everyone who incarnates here, some get it and some don’t. As you grow in Consciousness and come to a place of ACCEPTANCE, the Universe aligns with you and you will begin to see synchronicities lining up, “miracles” happening, chance meetings, etc that will all come together to begin to form that which you would call your “external purpose”.

The biggest thing I can tell you is NOT to get caught up in anxiety over it. Don’t set a timeline of how soon you think it should happen. You have to trust and KNOW that EVERYTHING is happening exactly as it should, you can be proactive and do things you feel are positive actions towards what you would like to see, but don’t become attached to a specific outcome or timing. Expectancy can create a vibration of neediness which can result in creating resistance towards the end result you seek. Don’t focus so much on the destination, enjoy the journey, take time to smell the flowers along the way, appreciate the beauty of a rock!

Everyone’s experience will be different. I went through a time of losing everything I owned, being betrayed by loved ones, being falsely imprisoned, and more! Evidently, I needed the lessons! Because I was in a place of higher consciousness when these things happened to me I was able to come to a place of acceptance and nonjudgment of the parties involved and just realize that they were simply unconscious. Many people may hurt you and TRULY not even be conscious that they are doing it because they are being controlled by their ego/emotional body that is totally against you being CONSCIOUS.

The are no accidents, no coincidences, and there is nothing that happens without a purpose, even if we cannot see it at the time. It may take you months or sometimes even years to fully realize WHY  a certain series of events happened. The key is to STOP acting as if these things have happened to you to hurt you. Every experience that you go through is training you and hopefully teaching you a lesson, helping you to advance in your Spiritual Evolution. If you recently experienced a loss of a lover or a job or a home, KNOW that it is because there is something or someone new coming to you that is BETTER for you. NOTHING happens without a reason behind it.

Learn to look below the surface. In reality the Truth is ALWAYS beneath the surface, under the troubled waters, beneath the waves, there is clarity IF you can get past what your ego wants you to see and SEE what IS really there…

One thing I can promise you is this, once you have attained the state of “ananda” or Bliss of Being”, there is virtually nothing that can disturb your peace. You have a “so what” attitude about circumstances and situations that comes with being in a place of total acceptance. It is like the Apostle Paul said, “I have experienced lack and I have experienced plenty, and I have learned to be content either way.” This state of being enables you to move from being a victim to being okay no matter what comes to you in life, becoming detached to the ebbs and flows that are inevitable in this world we find ourselves in.

If you are just waking up, enjoy the process! Don’t try to make so much out of it, don’t allow your ego to tell you that you have to be some cave dwelling guru to complete your journey! If there is something you are meant to accomplish the Universe will guide you and give you the encouragement and gifts to see it through. Some are here to simply hold the vibration and BE vessels of light to others and that is totally okay too. Just BE YOUR SELF!

In Lak ech Ala K’in,



3 thoughts on “On Waking Up

  1. Tami

    What you said resonates with me. I have had many of the experiences you wrote about. It is a journey and one which I embrace fully!


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