Projection of Consciousness

Getting Rid Of Labels

Are you a labeler? Do you find yourself labeling people, places, things and experiences as “good” or “bad”? Do you find yourself prejudging and preconceiving nearly everything in your life?


If you are to awaken from this false world that you allow yourself to exist in and REALLY live the life that YOU are meant to live you must first stop labeling ANYTHING in a certain way because of how it “makes” you feel or because of what your ego tells you that it is.

For example, a relationship you are in falls apart and you immediately think it is bad and begin to question what could have been done differently instead of ACCEPTING that it could possibly be the best thing that could have ever happened for BOTH parties. Perhaps one of you was enabling the other to remain unconscious and the other was holding back the other from realizing their own consciousness…

We are taught from a VERY early age to label things. As toddlers we are taught what is “good” and “bad”, hot and cold, and so on. Obviously some labels are necessary from a point of safety and common sense but what we are speaking of here are labels that WE apply ourselves that are simply untrue.

NO experience is good or bad, it simply is what it is, it was what it was and it will be what it will be. All experiences are “good” if one learns the lesson intended, if the lesson isn’t learned then the Universe will continue to send you more “experiences” until you learn the lesson. If you have a problem with patience then you will keep getting experiences that test your patience until you learn to have patience. It is quite simple really.

This 3D reality in which we exist is really like a kindergarten for developing souls for the most part. Yes, there are some here and there who have gone through much more “training” and have come back to help their “classmates” but for the most part the world in which we live is full of unconscious beings who are being controlled by their “imaginary friends”, their ego mated with an emotional body or energy made up of their past.

You are NOT who you think you are, you are that which recognizes the thinker, that which KNOWS that it IS. You are the KNOWER, not the known, you are the I AM, not the I.

Pay close attention as you go through your day and see how many times your mind attempts to put a label on everything around it. Recognize this and stop it. Allow yourself to simply BE. Be present in the NOW, that is all their truly is. The past is gone and you can never bring it back no matter how much you try, the future does not yet exist. All you have is now and in the now is eternity. Be here NOW, as Ram Dass said… Stop letting your past steal your present.

You are called Human Beings for a reason. You were created to BE. You were not called Human Doings… Too many are so caught up in doing that they cannot comprehend BEING… It is important to give yourself time to just BE. No expectation, no anxiety, no stress, just acceptance and the realization that everything is happening EXACTLY as it should. As the Zen saying goes, “The snow falls, each flake in its appropriate place.”



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