Native Americans Discovered Columbus

Columbus Discovered He Was Lost

One of the biggest lies of American History that really gets under the skin of Native Americans is the perpetuation if the myth that Columbus “discovered” America… The fact of the matter is that the only thing that Christopher Columbus discovered in 1492 is that he was LOST!

Columbus Was Lost

It is truly mind boggling that even after numerous archaeological finds proving that other Europeans were here before Columbus that students are still being taught that he “discovered” America. Never mind the fact that there were HUGE Native American civilizations all over the country while the Europeans were still living in huts and caves, we’ll get into that later…

Evidence has been uncovered all over the United States that show not only were the Vikings here before Columbus, making multiple trips coming down through Canada and the Northeast Coast, but recently there have been finds in Arizona from the 7th century with Latin inscriptions from a group of Romans.

Other artifacts that date back well over 1000 years include stones with ancient Hebrew language on them, including some which have the Ten Commandments inscribed on them!

Another aspect that we seldom see addressed is the fact that there were ENORMOUS civilizations all over the United States in Pre-Columbian times, actually way before Columbus. One of these which has been studied extensively in recent years is the City of the Sun at the Cahokia Mounds –

There have been literally tens of thousands of cities found throughout the country, some dating back thousands of years, and these are just those that have been discovered! There were also civilizations along the Mississippi River and along the Gulf Coast that traded with the Mayans of the Yucatan Peninsula. STILL waiting on the scientists to catch up on some of this!


P.S. There have been many who have claimed that The Indigenous here were called “Indian” because Columbus was looking for “India” – This is also untrue. In those days India was known as Hindustan – When Columbus landed in the Caribbean he and his men called the local population “Indio” meaning “In God.”

Native Americans Discovered Columbus


6 thoughts on “Columbus Discovered He Was Lost

  1. odoofmetz

    I wouldn’t say he found out that he was lost, I was under the impression that he refused to accept that he hadn’t found India until the day he died…

  2. odoofmetz

    As for Cahokia, a fair amount of research has been done it. It was a mound building society, similar to MesoAmerica, but raising huge mounds of earth instead of using quarried stone, most likely due to the lack of mountains and stones in the region. The society was advanced, with between 10,000-20,000 people living in it at its height, making it larger than London at the time. The people played a game called Chunkey, they drank a caffiene loaded beverage, carved stone tablets with artistic figures and had advanced copper working skills, making complex tools and jewelry from the metal.

    There is also evidence of human sacrifice coming from the region, with many corpses being found all with the same wounds in the same way.

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