The Transcendent Will Not Be Reduced: How Super-Consciousness Blows Apart the Myths and Idols of Materialism

Truth and Consciousness ARE experiential – Those who have not tasted it know nothing of it and until they die to self they NEVER will…


The well-known atheist and scientific-materialist Richard Dawkins released a book by the popular title ‘An Appetite for Wonder:  the Making of a Scientist’.  However, Dawkin’s professed abstract/academic-like wonder is not the same dimension of wonder as the famous quote from the Enlightened Zen Masters who say, “before enlightenment chopping wood and carrying water, after enlightenment chopping wood and carrying water; oh how wonderful!” Nor is Dawkin’s professed wonder the same type of wonder that arises from what is known as– epistemological humility. Epistemological humility is an experience and mode of consciousness that comes from understanding that in the face of the two most open questions in science today: 1. What is consciousness., and 2. What is the stuff of the universe made up of? – we have no valid explanatory theory that answers these questions and until then the universe and our place in it remains an utter mystery…

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