The Corruption of Our Government

The United States is on the verge of falling apart due to the level of corruption from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top. It permeates every aspect of American Society, both public and private, secular and nonsecular, home and corporate and throughout all levels of government.


In government and other institutions outside the home, positions of power and leadership are bought and manipulated. Ironically it is those that desire power the most who are unworthy of it, while those who are most deserving of a leadership position seldom have the opportunity or even want it in the current environment.

Billions of dollars are spent of Presidential campaigns alone, how much better use could be found for this money? Housing the homeless? Feeding the starving? Creating jobs for the unemployed? Raising the standard of living for those living on Native American reservations that are below that of 3rd world countries…

ALL of our so called “political leaders” are bought and paid for by special interest groups and as soon as they are in office their only concern is appeasing those who put them in office and re-election… These “elected” officials vote on issues by popularity or by what their “sponsors” tell them, not by any moral compass of what is right or wrong, nor considering what they are leaving the next generations. The Native American way is to make EVERY decision based upon how it will affect the next 7 generations, not by how much money it will put in the pockets of those making the decisions.

Our legal system is not legal at all and is violating the Constitutional rights of our citizens from the local level on up… District Attorneys and Lawyers are more concerned with win-loss records than with justice and judges have been reduced to “tax collectors” who are simply in the business of imposing bail, fines and penalties for their respective governing bodies.

The legal system is merely a FOR PROFIT entity supporting those it employs while destroying the families of those caught up in it, many times innocently. Through the system of assigning bond amounts one must pay to be released many who are guilty are freed and many who are innocent stay in jail simply because they do not have the money to bond out. This causes the destruction of many families due to the loss of income and homes.

The United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any other country on the planet while calling itself the “Land of the Free”. Many of these who are incarcerated are addicted to prescription drugs which coincidentally are more readily available in prison than on the street which encourages these repeat criminals to WANT to go to prison!!!

Like the majority of entities and institutions in the United States, the justice system and prisons are concerned primarily with MONEY… The same thing that caused the fall of the Roman Empire, the love of power, the love of money.

The scripture from Timothy is true – The love of money IS the root of ALL EVIL…

How much more will the people take before they do something to change it?



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